Do you think that high school students should be required to master some form of bilingualism before graduating?

  • I think all high school students should be required to become bilingual in order to graduate because it brings lots of benefits.

    One way it could benefit you is to help make you seem more qualified for certain jobs. Knowing many languages is helpful and often needed in everyday life, when dealing with people foreign to this country. Above all that learning other languages is good for your brain health, and it is important to remember that the world consists of many different languages. Besides what’s the harm in learning an extra language, it might help make vacations to different countries easier when you know how to tell people what you want.

  • Its always good

    To learn another language you have more of a chance to get an sit down job like a person who works on computers or someone who teaches bilingualism to others. Theres a lot of benefits of benefits to learning another language, religion, tradition, or culture of bilingualism. I know this is stupid to some and this may not be accurately correct cause i have o idea what bilingualism is. Is it a country , religion, language, culture person , place, thing i have no idea im only 12 guys cut some slack

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  • Yes it should

    Learning another language improves brain health, it improves your first language, helps you experience new cultures, and as the world is leaning toward different languages, it helps if you know a second language for better job opportunities. It should be a required class for at LEAST 2 years in high school.

  • Yes, a second language should be required.

    Yes, I think a foreign language should be required, but I don't think many high school students would take a foreign language if it wasn't required. Being bilingual is a definite plus in today's world. Being fluent in a second language gives most people a definite edge in the job market because it makes them far more valuable.

  • It is very helpful

    When I was a high school student, I had no interest in learning another type of language. I didn't pay attention to any of the foreign language classes because I didn't see a specific need for it. As an adult however I wish I had paid better attention. Knowing how to speak multiple languages is not only helpful, it's needed in many every day activities in life now.

  • It's today's reality.

    Yes, in today's reality, high school students should be required to master some form of bilingualism before graduating, because people need to know two languages to get a job in the real world today. Bilingualism is an amazing life skills. All students learned their first language, they are capable of learning their second.

  • High school students should be required to master a foreign language of their choice before graduatng because the global culture and economy demands it.

    In California, nearly half of all residents speak Spanish. In Canada, an entire province is filled with French speakers and all official government documents are bilingual. It would be a boon to all students graduating high school to master one of these languages, or another language of their choosing such as Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or Arabic. This would make our students competitive with Europe and the rest of the educated world by enabling them to conduct business and personal affairs in a broader way and opening up new career and scholastic opportunities.

  • Other subjects should come first

    High school curriculum these days are inadequate at meeting several basic needs in the lives of students. Among those are basic personal finance classes to name one, and to require bilinguialism would trade off with studying on other subjects. Without absolute immersion, it's impossible to test the abilities of the students anyway, and only those who are interested should be in the classes.

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