Do you think that homework should be given to students every night?

Asked by: RedRose
  • Yes of course

    Children of today generation are very intelligent if they are not given homework they will just behave like hooligans.They will not do study unless teacher check their homework strictly so it is really very important to give homework daily and just think about those thousand of poor parents how will they come to know what is the performance of their kid.

  • But a balance.

    A few math problems, a paragraph towards that paper, a little independent research...Etc. The only way to truly learn and be able to do math on your own is to practice. Studies have shown that it makes kids learn more. I would argue actually that kids should work on problems in class in order to be able to ask questions as they are working. However, I value independent work as well. Especially in high school, kids need to learn how to manage their time and use their own resources. Big independent papers suck to do but they teach valuable lessons. I was in a place through high school where I had hours upon hours of homework a night on top of a job on top of being a teenager. It sucked. There definitely needs t be reform here.

  • It should be given.

    By doing homework,students get the chance to test their skills. In school students are taught collectively whereas when they do their homework they get the chance to point out their mistakes and correct them. Homework also helps students prepare for their exams. Therefore, I believe homework should be given ever night to students.

  • Why bother, it's unnecessary?

    Homework should be given when it's needed to enrich the day's lesson, it should not be given just for the sake of being given. Does your boss give you unnecessary extra work simply for the sake of keeping you busy? Of course not. So homework should only be given when it's needed, not just a routine "Here's tonight's homework" thing.

  • I don't think so

    I appreciate the importance of homework, but children need time to themselves. I get home from school at five pm, and it takes me an hour to do my homework. I then have to Skype my cousin, giving me ten minutes to myself before I have to get washed. And I'm one of the more fortunate ones.
    Homework is needed, just in smaller amounts.

  • Uhh No thanks.

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  • We have other things to do!

    On mondays I have games why would I want to miss a softball game for homework and wednesdays I have Church I put God first before anything so no thanks I dont mind tuesdays and thursdays because i have NOTHING to do on those days but friday means weekend which means a break from learning. We do not need homework everyday only when we dont finish our work in class. Most of my teachers know we have other things to do because most of us go to church and are in after school electives yes we need to pass classes for this but thats why we have school to learn AT school.

  • It freaking horrible

    I dont think they should because if the child doesnt understand the lesson why would u give them something u dont understand like they dont get and u give them homework on that lesson then whats the point their gonna fail it. Might as well no give it to them and keep explaining to them till they actually know what their doing then u can give it to them or mybe not idfk

  • It should not

    As a high school student, the most stressful part of my school life if definitely the mountains of homework that some of my teachers dump on me every night. I spend eight hours at school, then I go home, and like most kids have chores to do that take me about an hour to do. After that I have three hours of homework. (On a slow day.) Teenagers needs a minimum of ten hours of sleep every night so that gives me an average of two hours to eat, wash, have free time, and socialize. Most of the time my grades suffer because I won't do my work, because it's way to god damn much.

  • It could be passive learning.

    First, I also appreciate the importance of homework. But if students are given homework everyday, it's possible that the homework ruins their active learning. Students should know how to do active learning. Moreover, active learning is more efficient than passive learning. Also, these days we need creative persons. But if students are used to passive learning, perhaps it will prevent them from being creative persons. So, we have to induce students to do active learning not giving them homework everyday.

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