Do you think that homosexuals could have been created by God in an effort to reduce starvation and overpopulation?

Asked by: EspenEther
  • If so, it would prove to be beneficial for everyone.

    If gay couples wanted to have children, they would have to adopt those who have been abandoned or couldn't be supported. The population wouldn't skyrocket like it's doing now, and maybe God realized that what he said in the Bible about gay marriage was partially responsible for the overpopulation today. But that's just me.

  • God did not create homosexuals at all.

    Homosexuality is a sin because it is a perversion of the perfect order in nature that He created. God does not create people to be homosexual, because people are not born with innate sexual orientations. Is a baby a sexual creature at that stage? No. Neither is a little puppy. But, when the puppy grows up into an adult, it follows the natural order of things. All sin is a perversion of God's order, and man invent sins by perverting His institutions, like that of marriage. Once we hear about different sins, we are immediately tempted by them. We didn't think of them ourselves, but we follow the examples of other sinners, for man is a creature that learns by imitation and repetition. Men and women who are homosexual CHOOSE to be homosexual by contemplating that sin, but not viewing it as sin, and they decided that they like it better than heterosexuality, or equally as much, which is still wrong.

    Also, overpopulation is not an issue. The entire population of the earth could be put inside the small state of Maryland and each person would have their own chuck of empty space around them. Just think about that for a minute. Tiny little Maryland could hold multiple times he amount of the current population, and each person would still have some personal space. It is population density that is a trouble in some areas, only because people choose to live in already crowded areas.

    And have you ever stopped to consider the Dominion Mandate? "Be fruitful and multiply." That doesn't sound like God has any concerns about "overpopulation" at all. Besides, if man hadn't Fallen and remained perfect, then there would be no homosexuals and the reproduction rate of humans would be much greater; additionally, they would have lived much much longer, maybe even forever once hey were ready to accept the fruit from the tree of life. Even with all of those people, God still would have been able to provide for them because he is omnipotent.

    Also, transgenders are people who have had operations to "change" their gender, so, by definition, they aren't *born* as transgenders.

    A closing word from the Apostle Paul: “Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? *Do not be deceived;* neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Corinthians 6:9–10).

  • Nope. They just exist.

    If they are gay, then thats fine. Why do people care what other peoples sexual orientation is? Its not their buisiness, they need to stop talking about it.

    But no god did not create them. Mostly because im athiest and i dont believe in god.

    One question: how do they reduce starvation???

  • This question presumes a god...

    Not only does the question presume a gawd, but asks if this god created something that the very same gawd has clearly vilified. The question, itself, is self-defeating. Moreover, given the stupidity of the manuscripts on which most people base their gawds, most gawds wouldn't have the capacity to think far enough ahead to even attempt something like this.
    Consider, also, the fact that same-sex relationships would have to be at least on-par with heterosexual relationships to even make a difference. They would have to stay on par, and never reproduce. Quite simply put, no 'gawd' would do this.

  • No, not really

    While I do believe that homosexuality exists in animals species mainly for beneficial purposes, I do so based on an evolutionary perspective. This mythological being known as "God" did not "create" homosexuals for any specific purpose because he is not real. Homosexuals exists because it is a means on controlling population, at least in most mammalian species. However, due to our enhanced cognitive abilities, humans have found ways to get around this, gay men and women have technology that allows them to have children without having sex with someone of the opposite sex which is why I feel adoption is a better option.

  • I suppose anything is possible, but if I have to go on the record, I say no.

    This is an interesting question. I like that it's at least outside of the box.
    But no, I don't that this really makes sense. If a god were to have created people as homosexuals for this purpose, then I daresay that it has hardly done a good job of achieving it's end by sufficiently reducing starvation caused by overpopulation. At any rate, it is an interesting thought.

  • God did not create homosexuals at all.

    Homosexuality is not a sin, it's a difference in brain chemistry. Perhaps NATURE and EVOLUTION caused this change so that we have more homosexuals today, or perhaps there have been this many all along but they were too ashamed or afraid to admit it because of our precious bigotry.
    In any case, the question leaves out the reality that homosexuals reproduce, just not with the people they choose to grow old with and love. Lesbians get donor sperm, Gay men get surrogates. To ask whether they could decrease overpopulation would be to assert that they don't contribute to it, an implication that doesn't hold any water.

  • God made them for acceptance

    I think God made certain individuals gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender to show that being different isn't always bad and for the world to have more tolerance. Except in the area of same-sex marriage, homosexuals are becoming more accepted by society. Then again, that depends on the geographical location. The United States is very accepting of homosexuality while other countries are more homophobic.

  • Gay people were not created by god

    There is very little evidence to suggest the existence of a higher supreme being, or god. In past generations people were scared of death so sort to give they worlds more meaning with invention of Gods. Maybe gods are aliens?

    It is more probable that it has a genetic and environmental beginning as commonly found in nature

  • It would be self defeating.

    Though some animals tend to reduce the number of offspring based on food sources, this is just a temporary change, and when food sources go back to normal amounts, so does the rate of reproduction.
    Homosexuality, on the other hand, if it was meant to reduce population, would reduce the number of homosexuals leaving just straight people to continue the rise in population.
    Because it would only reduce the population of the added group would defeat the purpose once the group population shrank.
    This is all besides the fact that I do not believe in a god because even natural changes would be self-defeating in this aspect.

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intellectuallyprimitive says2014-05-15T05:51:03.053
Human sexuality as elucidated by modern science, depends on inherent factors, (but not limited to) such as genetic and hormonal, not God.
If Science can examine, and subsequently provide a synopsis of why sexuality varies amongst humans, why would we speculate that God, a notion that is undetermined by existence, unsubstantiated, and profoundly redundant, is responsible for sexuality?