• People are good

    According to several experiments, most babies can tell the different between good and bad. For example, in one experiment, they showed babies a puppet show where one rabbit bullied the other rabbit. After the show, the kids would take crackers from the nice rabbit but not the mean one. Thanks.

  • good (yes) or evil (no)?

    They are good. Human beings are inherently good, not evil. You can see this from all different types of people from all over the world. The amount of good people is much greater then the amount of bad people out there in the world. This proves that human beings are mostly good people.

  • We're more good than evil.

    If we were inherently evil, our species would have died off a long time ago. I'm not saying we're inherently good, either, because we're not. Just take a look at past atrocities and the horrors that still take place today. We don't care enough about each other, but we're more good than bad.

  • humanity is inherently

    I Say Evil I believe humans are essentially greedy and are born and grow with the ideals to only serve their own needs. I think this shows in adulthood and it makes me believe that humans beings are essentially evil. Yes, we try to do good and we try to be good people, but we generally fail after a lot of effort.

  • Humanity is evil.

    I believe humanity is a war like and evil race. While we are kind, that is for the most part taught. Children aren't taught to lie and steal, which they do often. Humanity also has a tendency to enjoy war, as often seen to occur when other solutions can be just as easily made.

  • 50/50 but I believe that we are more evil

    Humans, whether we admit it or not, have the urge to win - to be powerful and loved. We become jealous very easily and can hate someone for no reason whatsoever. All humans have emotions and a lot of them are negative. Personally, I think that we, as a race, are fairly corrupt - obsessed with money and love - there are many people who are good, but humanity is evil. We destroy nature to further our lives and unavoidably do things to demonstrate our brilliance.

    I'm not saying that all humans are evil, but the way human beings are, we are far from perfect - therefore very susceptible to bad emotions.

  • We are sinners.

    I think that humanity is inherently evil, rather than good, because our sinful nature is stronger than our nature for good. When man ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, man became fallen. From then on, humanity is not capable of doing good. Rather, they seek to hurt and cheat each other.

  • Humanity Is Fallen

    I come from the perspective that humans are fallen. This is a biblical perspective with the idea that we are fallen from the garden, Adam and Eve, Satan, etc. Because I would say that no, we aren't inherently good. If there is a way to make things easier, we'll do it even if it's at the cost of other people. I have been studying non-profit organizations for the past several weeks and many of these organizations are for amazing causes including cancer treatment, shelters, and homes for children. Yet even in these amazing organizations, people find corruptions. Although they are cheating out children and cancer fighters, they still do it. If there's any opportunity to cheat, humans take it.

    Now not every person does this. Nothing is completely black and white. People must be set in a strong moral conviction to not do these things (and sometimes that still doesn't work). If there isn't no real belief of moral standards, I don't believe people will chose to do the right or good thing.

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