Do you think that humans are capable of ESP in the realms of reason?

Asked by: reece
  • One example.Do you ever feel like someone is staring at you behind you'r back and then you turn around and they actually are.

    Do you ever feel that someone is staring at you behind you'r back and then you turn around and they actually are.
    Well this happens to me all the time because people have asked me before how do i know?.
    In matter of fact my ex girlfriend and i devised an experiment to test my capability's out.
    I stood in front of her while she faced away and every time she looked at me i had to call it out then she would move back one step but if i was wrong we had to start over again.
    I was right about an average of 8-9 times in the 6 experiments we did.
    Every time she looked at me or anyone looks at me,my ear drum has a weird pressure on it and dependent on where the people are looking from it's ether my left or right ear that has this feeling.

  • Although Its Effects Are Minimal And Cannot Be Controlled

    I think it happens, but as noted in my headline, I believe the effects are minimal and cannot be controlled.

    In other words, you can't try to make it work, it just happens, and when it does, it's not like it's clear or perfect. It just gives small information seemingly at random.

    It's also possible what appears to be ESP is actually another phenomenon, but what it is technically called is irrelevant to the fact that the phenomenon exists.

  • Wheres the evidence?

    There is no reproducible evidence for any psychic abilities, if anyone claims to have them please feel free to go claim your 1 million dollars (USD) from the James Randi foundation. They will gladly part with the money if you can show your abilities to be real. To date no one has cope close, and that's the way it will stay.

  • No. There aren't any psychic lottery winners.

    The only psychic millionaires are the one that fleece gullible people out of their money. The military has done many experiments to test the possibility of this because it would be a valuable asset. So far no one can back their claims. Any body with ESP hmu and show me what you got.

  • According to scientific research, no.

    If by reason you mean scientific observation of the physical laws, then ESP doesn't fit in with what we know.

    In a psychological aspect, most people are prone to teleology, which is finding patterns (design) in random events, to account of certain claims of ESP, like telepathy. But in accordance with what we know of the four forces that affects matter interactions; the strong and the weak force is of too short a range to generate an noticeable influence between people (only an atomic diameter). Gravity is also too weak and because of the inverse square law, doesn't reach enough distance for any effect. And it also doesn't have a known force carrier exactly due to its properties. The same goes for electromagnetism; it obeys the inverse square law, is disrupted by the interference of other electronic devices and our skulls filter out most of it's output, as well as reception. Furthermore, magnetic- and electric fields are also too weak to count.

    Yet, in quantum mechanics, only random bits of data is the closest that can be transferred between entangled particles. And even if two particles were to be entangled in between two persons, it would eventually decohere due to the particles simultaneous interaction with other nearby particles (which is how particles entangle to begin with).

    When it comes to physiology, there are no structures or hidden/unknown receptors in the brain to transmit signals between people. I shouldn't even need to explain why the whole "only using 10% of our brain" argument fails and evolutionary pressures doesn't allow for the brain getting to utilize the needed amount of high energy to make ESP work to only benefit a small group of people. And probably any size of people.

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