Do you think that hybrid vehicles are beneficial to the environment?

  • Of course yes.

    The hybrid car charges on its own and doesn't make much noise pollution and cuts 2/3 of the normal gas used on normal cars and if the car charges on its own, it has no need of electric charging or power plants. If you only fill the gas once in a while, it will be just fine.

  • Oil pullout people

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  • Hybrids yes, 100% electric no

    Hybrids that use gasoline and breaking power to charge the battery clearly get better gas mileage than 100% gas, which reduces emissions including smog producing emissions.

    100% electric is not yet at a level where the reduced auto emissions makes up for the emissions used in electric generation.

    Posted by: slo1
  • Hybrid vehicles are good for the Earth, because they have lower emissions than conventional vehicles.

    Hybrid vehicles are not perfect, and I believe they still can do damage to the environment, because they use gas part of the time. But, when they don't, and if the electricity was generated from green sources of power, then, yes, hybrid vehicles are better than gasoline-powered engines. It's a good step in the right direction.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • I think that hybrid vehicles are beneficial to the environment, because they produce less greenhouse emissions.

    Studies have shown that hybrid vehicles produce less emissions than normal cars. And, whether or not global warming is a real thing, I believe that the fewer toxic items we emit into the air, the longer our children will have to enjoy this earth. I hate to imagine a world where my son has to wear a gas mask outside because of all the harmful gases I put into the air.

    Posted by: AbusiveRudy
  • I think hybrid vehicles are beneficial to the environment, because they decrease harmful emissions.

    Anything we can do to decrease harmful emissions in our environment is beneficial to the earth. Car emissions are one of the biggest, most concerning pollutants in our environment. Widespread use of hybrid cars could drastically decrease these emissions, thereby increasing the well-being and sustainability of our environment for future generations.

    Posted by: ClammyErwin38
  • Hybrid vehicles are beneficial for the environment because they limit how much gas we use.

    I do agree that hybrid vehicles are beneficial for the environment. They do limit how much gas that we use. However, that being said, it takes a lot of money and understanding to get the true benefit from it. For example, if you want to limit how much gas you use when driving, you have to be careful to start very slowly, so it does not go into the gas zone.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Yes hybrid vehicles are beneficial.

    Hybrid vehicles cause less pollution with is a good thing for our planet and cities. Cleaner burning fuels and cars are certainly not creating more of the problem. The only complaint I would have would be that they need to make these cars more affordable and maintainable to the average person. I think they would get a lot more buyers of these vehicles then.

    Posted by: l0nerkatz999
  • Hybrid vehicles save gas, which prevents pollution.

    Hybrid vehicles, though expensive to make, are beneficial for the environment due to their low carbon emission factor. Less carbon emission means less ozone depletion and less of the harmful greenhouse gas effect. This means, conclusively, less of an impact on the Earth and global warming. In addition, the mass production of hybrid vehicles dissuades companies from extracting fossil fuels.

    Posted by: 4rlGutsy
  • Hybrid vehicles are an important step towards getting away from gasoline and benefiting the environment.

    It is important that within the next twenty years society move away from driving cars running on full tanks of gasoline. A hybrid is certainly a proper step in reducing mankind's carbon footprint. Ideally, the hybrid will be a first step that eventually leads to cars that don't require any gas, but are just as affordable and easy to deal with.

    Posted by: M0r3Interior
  • Hybrid cars use electricity, over 50% of which comes from coal which is much worse for the environment.

    Unless nearly all of your electricity comes from "clean" energy, a hybrid car is much worse for the environment than other vehicles. For the U.S. between 45 and 50% of our electricity comes from coal; electricity isn't magic. Just because you can't see the damage to the environment from a hybrid car doesn't mean it isn't there. Hybrid cars only make people feel like they're helping the environment, when all they're really doing is hurting it even more than normal cars.

  • Hybrids effect on the environment

    Hybrid cars have a worse affect on the environment than a large truck made in detroit. think about the size of the battery in hybrid cars, they have to be produced with toxic chemicals and rare earth minerals. The minerals I must mention must be mined out of the earth, copper for instance has a footprint do large it's unimaginable. once the batteries are made, they must be shipped from korea or Japan and then transported to the audomobile factory here in the USA. This takes a lot of energy. 10 years down the line the battery dies, batteries do die by the way, and it has to be replaced by another one, leaving a landfill full of toxic materials.

  • Not at this time. Many will wind up on th scrap pike long before thier time.

    Hybrid cars will never come completely into thier own unless and until the become available with total “on board” charging and NO dependabncy on any kind of pug in and/or extended time consuming recharge. Plug in only it the batteries can be recharged from empty to full in no more time that it takes to fill a 24 gallon tank with gasoline and from a simple 110 volt home outlet and the battery range from full charge should be about the same a s a 24 gallon tank of gasoline. The technology for all of this is and has been in place for at least the past 50 years. Why don’t the hybrid people do it?

  • No, hybrid vehicles are not beneficial to the environment.

    Hybrid vehicles are a very small step towards a cleaner environment. However they do not provide much help in decreasing the pollution from motor vehicles. The reason for this is that their are such a small percentage of people that are driving hybrid vehicles. The rest are still driving polluting vehicles.

  • Mining vs Drilling

    The production of hybrid batteries causes environmental devastation on a massive scale. The mining of nickel (old hybrids) is an extremely toxic and destructive process. Mining lithium and cobalt for the newer "greener" batteries is just as bad causing irreparable damage to the planet. The justification is simple, eventually an oil spill can be cleaned up, the chemicals dissipate even if it takes 100 years it is less damage than a mine causes and that damage is permanent. The carbon emission argument is irrelevant because there is no evidence to support ozone depletion is caused by carbon based emissions and cars do not produce CFCs anymore thus hybrids do more damage than good.

  • No...

    Toxic batteries anyone?

  • Yes/No

    Over hyped and there are far to many variables to reach a conclusive answer at this point.

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