Do you think that if a country has nuclear weapons it is already a superpower?

Asked by: Juris
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  • It's a prerequisite.

    Nuclear power in my opinion is a prerequisite of becoming a nuclear power. If you see it from my point of view think about it. A handful of countries have already developed nuclear weapons and to become a super power without having nuclear weapons is impossible unless you have the technology and intellectual superiority to build them and choose not to. In order to become a full fledged super power on Earth must be able to recover after every setback that happens and still manage to be strong.

  • No nuclear power is not superpower

    This is my own personal analysis that a country cannot become a superpower just with the help of a nuclear weapon, there is a need for invincible minds and very hard work in order to become super power. There are countries in this world that do have nuclear power but they cannot be considered super powers because they have a weak government, Pakistan is the best example i can think of. If a government cannot maintain law and order in a specific area, no matter if they are a nuclear power but they can never ever under any circumstances become a super power.

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