Do you think that if the name was changed from Feminism to Gender Equality people would quit confusing it with male hating?

Asked by: ScotiePhantom
  • I personally think describing "gender equality" with the word "feminism" is like describing "humanity" with the word "mankind."

    I strongly support gender equality. I want the women in my life, (and all women for that matter), to have the same rights and opportunities as myself (men). It's just the word feminist to me implies misandry (for many reasons rooted in history) and I feel that we should call it what it is... Gender Equality.

  • I don't see many people misunderstanding the term feminism.

    It seems that feminists are always quick to assume that people do not understand the dictionary definition of feminism.
    Perhaps it is less ignorance, but rather the fact that feminism openly enables, encourages and popularizes radical opinion.
    The term gender-equality would resolve this issue - it would be much more difficult to fight for the superiority of a gender underneath a label clearly signifying otherwise, as opposed to feminism which has already established extremist roots.

  • Do away with feminism and the MRA

    We shouldn't change the name, we should trash both the modern feminism and the MRA (men's rights movement) and focus on HUMAN problems. Sure, there are issues affecting both men and women that need addressing separately, but why couldn't one movement address both? We're already starting to see problems with society because we've only been focusing on female problems , so let's start focusing on human problems instead.

  • It might work.

    Sure there are some people who get offended no matter what but words carry incredible power. Just like some branches of the fat positive moment changed their name to body positive (to include the thin people), feminism could try changing their name to gender equality. I say this as a feminist who is tired of our cause being confused with hatred of men and striving for female supremacy. We could try changing our name while at the same time educating people as to what feminism REALLY is.

  • Feminism seems so daunting

    Yes, if the title was changed from feminism to gender equality it may not come off as so anti-male. I must say, though, a title should not make that much of a difference, but it does. Everyone should have equal opportunity for success regardless if they are male of female.

  • Yes. I believe if the name feminism was changed to gender equality people would quit confusing it with male hating.

    Yes. I believe if the name feminism was changed to gender equality people would quit confusing it with male hating, because there are loads of negative connotations attached to the word "feminism". Its kind of previewed like the word racism. I definitely believe if the word was changed to gender Equality men would respect it more.

  • Changing Feminism to Gender Equality is better

    In my opinion, changing Feminism to Gender Equality is better at confusing people and mistaking it for hate against males. In particular, Feminism has a bad connotation because when it was first instituted, it went through a lot changes and prejudice that gives it a bad feeling today. Changing it will make it better and easier for everyone to understand.

  • Yes it would

    Feminism started out as gender equality but many have distorted it into women deserving more than men. That is not true, there is sexism towards men- they usually get almost no support in a divorce court, go to jail longer than women for the same crime and are rediculed if they enjoy certain activities such as cooking, acting, singing etc. There are also many double standards to men. Men are expected to bottle up their emotions and feel bad for days where as women can cry and let some of their emotions out. The word "feminism" is not inherently bad, but if we want to get rid of the negative connotation it now has, perhaps calling it gender equality is the way to go.

  • Feminism sounds like it's only for women.

    Feminism is the belief that men and women are equal, deserve the same pay, do not ask to be raped and can dress however they want. But I think people believe it women > men instead of women = men because of how it sounds like feminine. Changing the name to gender equality could help this problem.

  • Yes I do

    I am all for feminism. I guess in some ways I would consider myself a feminist. But as a man, I find myself almost resenting feminism just for the name. I feel like I am not included in the movement for gender equality. However, I do understand the historical empowerment that comes with the name "feminism."

  • From my intake on feminism, it isn't a morally right stance.

    Feminism, from what I have seen from people claiming to be feminists on what they have done, are not a morally good group in my opinion. But I can tell you that only off what I have seen because the definitions of feminism are so out there and random, I cannot tell which is the correct one, so if you could tell me something that ALL people who claim to be feminists stand for, I'd appreciate that. But from what I have seen, it isn't gender equality.

  • No, people are still stupid

    Would an oncologist would be hated on because of the lack of focus on other health issues? No, but lets argue that happened. Do you think people would stop giving the oncologist crap when the doctor change their title in order to sound more general when it isn't?

    Feminism seeks gender equality for women. People are threatened by it because they believe this movement gives way too much to women. Even though it is literally impossible to give "more equality" to one group. Equality has context, and in this context, feminism strives for political, economic and social equality for women equal to that of men. This does not mean that men don't have problems. It doesn't mean those problems can't be addressed.

    People who oppose of feminism simply because feminism focuses on women are simply sexists. If you have every donated to a charity, I think you can understand why feminism needs its own movement. When you clump in everybody's issues (egalitarian), groups get marginalized. In a egalitarian movement, who is going to decide what issues are going to be top priority? Are issues like LGBT inequality, racism, ever going to addressed? Or are we only going to go with the "majority" of the population?

    If you agree with feminism, apart from the fact that it focuses on women, you just need to stop. Women created the movement in a sexist world, I'm pretty sure that whatever social ills that bother you, you can make your own movement for. We live in a world of information, it is not difficult to spread awareness. It is just not feminism's responsibility to do this for men.

  • Men Will Always Be Offended

    It doesn't matter what you call it because there will always be men who have issues with women's issues. I'm all for gender equality across the board--women always get the worse end of the deal when it comes to dealing with men. However, the movement to make the genders equal will always have detractors from the male side of things. Just look at the GOP's so-called "war on women" started by former Rep. Todd Akin and his "legitimate rape" comment in 2012.

  • No, most women still thinking it is a movement hate men.

    Gender equality is already in effect. More women than men are attending college. Women have conquered every job in the United States outside of the presidency. Anyone that things there is more work to be done hates men. You can call it Feminism or Gender Equality. These women are just brutal people.

  • I'd like to say yes, but being realistic, probably not.

    Feminism is a great thing that could benefit everyone, and it's such a shame that people fail to see that. But being realistic, changing the name of 'Feminism' to 'Gender Equality' sounds nice and all, but probably will not get any better results. It still has the same ideals of allowing men and women to be equal, and many, including both men and women, do not want this, or are painfully ignorant and refuse to see it that way. As long as it is mentioned that this is for equal rights for gender, although I agree that 'Feminism' sounds one sided, people will disagree with it. You will always get many who disagree. Feminism is not a new thing, however right now, a lot of public figures, celebrities, and many young men and women are now joining the cause, and respect it for what it is. It's is going to be the same for Race Equality, it's going to be hard, but we'll get there.

  • Not Equal Yet

    Any movement striving for equality focusses on the group that is less powerful in order to give them equal rights to the more powerful group. Many of their names represent the oppressed group. The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People fights for equality between the races; the International LGBTI Association works for equality between sexualities and genders; the Labour Movement fights for equality for the labouring classes. The movements are named after the oppressed groups.

    Some say that, in the Western World, women are no longer oppressed. However; 2/3 of domestic abuse victims are women; more than 90% of rape victims are women; the gender gap is still 9.4%; there are 10% more CEOs called John that there are female CEO. Women are the oppressed group and our movement must strive to make them equal to men.

    This is not to say that feminism should not support men who are victims of sexism. In my work with primary school children, I witness boys being laughed at for crying; for wanting to be nurses; for loving their mums. Feminism dictates that these caring characteristics are genderless and not designated to women. Far more rarely are girls mocked for playing football; being strong; wanting to be doctors. Instead, they are met with incredulity: you can’t do or be that, you’re a girl. Feminism is an appropriate name to fight for the equality of women and the destigmatising of femininity in men.

    So how do we destigmatize feminism to attract those who see it as threatening male equality? We teach children about feminism in the primary school classroom and that, because of feminism’s historical achievements, we can ALL be whatever we want, play with whatever we choose and have many different characteristics; we should not condescend to men by naming it 'egalitarianism' so that they understand that it isn’t a threat, just as we should not condescend to white people by renaming 'Black Lives Matter' 'All Lives Matter.' Egalitarianism is the goal. But until women are equal, this name does not suggest a movement to champion women's rights but rather acceptance of the current status quo, in which women are oppressed.

  • It's a word - the definition is about equality not everyone that is s feminist is a woman nor is every femists a radical femist

    Is the kruclux clam a fair represtantion of Christianity

    Is Islamic state a fair representation of Muslims.

    Therefore how come coz there are some radical men hating femists, people start saying that's what fenism is. Instead people should stop wasting time picking apart a word, if people see a SPECIFIC injustice towards men or women as a gender get behind it instead of making it a men vs women argument

  • No, then we would be calling it something women dont want.

    A good claim of 100's of issues that women do not want to be treated equal in would still exsist. Women have areas they do not want to be forced into being equal. Like fighting on the front lines, carrying the same amount of fighting gear on those front lines. Giving up their seat for a man. Having a birth control pill for men as well. Being last off a sinking boat. Sharing children after divorce. Opening doors for men etc. Gender equality would be all equal, show me a single women that would truly support that.

    Posted by: zoo
  • No because then women would actually have to argue for both male/female rights equally.

    They would then be held to that standard and would then have to stop being one sided and be forced to take in the male perspective more seriously and would then have to re-argue topics such as abortion, child custody, pay in the workplace, rape, domestic violence and/or crime in general.

    They wouldn't let it happen.

  • That would be a lie, if the name was changed.

    Feminists don't want equal rights, they want to be privileged in the law and society. They make all men predators and they have victim complexes and labels anyone that does not believe in the lie of a patriarchy a 'woman hater.' So it is male hating in this way, so why not change the name to "we want equal rights, but we are always the victims! In everything!" (LIES)

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