Do you think that in-school suspension and out of school suspension serves a purpose?

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  • No it is not

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  • By:Jainaba Bah Intellectual school's

    Yes it dose do harm cause it might be examination week and u are missing out on ur lesson's this sometimes can be the reason kids are falling school and won't be able to get good jobs in the future therefore out of school suspension is very harmful to kids.

  • Yes they do serve a purpose:

    They do because, if the kid did something that bad to get suspended then they should miss what they learned in class because at this point they are a harm to the school, and also i think that kids school only have in school suspensions because if not then they thing that they are having a free day and there wont be any homework and they can play video games and do what they want, so i think there should only be in school suspensions.

  • Everything happens for a reason

    Schools wouldn't be doing out of school suspension if it wasn't helping the student. 80% of students who got OSS never committed an act to get them there again. Also safety of other students. If Jimmy and Bob get in a fight the last thing we want to do is place Jimmy and Bob back in the same room. But is a minor fight really in need of expulsion. Also it removes student from the things that trigger them. About one in five teens have a mental problem and you never know what may trigger them

  • In school suspension should do in school suspension

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  • It's A Wake-up Call!

    I think in-school suspensions are a joke. Most view it like going to Detention Hall -- no big deal. An out-of-school suspension appears to have the bigger impact. But if the problem/problems aren't addressed and corrected, it too fails to serve a purpose. Warnings, of any kind, are just that -- a signal that the worst is yet to come. How people respond to the warning is the key to its effectiveness.

  • Not enough learning experiences

    Students getting a "school suspension" is like getting kicked off a team for a period of time. Getting a school suspension does not give the student a chance to learn and to catch up on any work. I think school suspensions are a waste of time and destroys the learning.

  • Out school suspension is better

    No, It is not because what if your teacher don't call your mom and your still suspended without your mother knowing and if out of school suspension is better if you have strict parents they could take away you electronics and make you clean for the past 3 or whatever days.

  • Not At All

    For both iss and oss some kids get it on purpose (at least in my school) so they don't have to be in class. In iss most kids sleep or go on their phones and the iss instructor does not even pay attention to what they are doing. For oss its just a day off to do whatever.

  • Kids hate school why would taking it away be a punishment?

    Every day i hear people say that they hate school and do not want to go, so do you really think that when a kid gets in major trouble taking away school for weeks at a time is really a good punishment? Plus they fall more behind the more they stay home from school. And if you expect kids who have out of school suspension to be sitting at home thinking about what they did wrong, then think again because these days all kids are doing is playing x-box and play station for 5 hours a day!

  • Of course not !!!!

    I think that's very bad idea to get the student out of school seems to me like this is the reward that not the punishment the school should deal with that give them extra work !!!
    Or come up with a different type of punishment I think this is ridiculous that shouldn't exist !!
    For one incident get three days out of school for A and B student !! Because somebody messed with him this is ridiculous !!

  • I say people should not have iss or oss

    Lets say someone started a fight and they run away you will get in trouble but you confess that you did it yes you will get into trouble but not as much so i am saying if you confess or stay out of it you will not get into trouble

  • It does not work

    In my opinion it doesn't work because lets be honest most kids hate school and if them getting to stay home is like a mini vacation, for example in 5th grade I got suspended from school for 2 days those whole 2 days I played my fav. Games mafia 2 and gta 5 it was fun not a punishment at all. Out of school suspensions encourage kids to get in more trouble so they don't have to go to school and it also the kid doesn't learn anything why suspended because most kids will not will not take the initiative to learn why suspended from school they will spend time on their computers or other devices.

  • It doesn't he,p with education

    School is for education (they are Brian washing you into being a good employee), if that's the purpose then why is a punishment for bad behavior being removed from that environment and learning nothing? You are there to learn and because you did something bad you don't get to learn, how much sense does that make? Instead of suspension you could make them do extra work or make give them ISS or lunch detention where they still learn and work rather than not letting them learn.

  • It's so stupid.

    I knew this kid, and he got suspended for having a cigarette. Yes, i understand that this kid had some drugs, but this same kid, after being suspended, walked into school SMOKING WEED AND SNIFFING SOMETHING WHITE. This just encouraging them and rewarding them by letting miss school. It's dumb.

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