• India should give up Kashmir. And, India should break up too.

    India should give up Kashmir. And, India should break up too into independent countries based on languages. INDIA WAS NEVER A COUNTRY IN HISTORY. So, India will break up into fragments. Government of India harass and oppress own citizens for corruption and eliticism. Indian IAS officers are brown-british. So break.

  • Only kashmir valley should be given up

    Leh ladakh and Jammu should remain in india. Kashmir has dented image of Indian Army.Now we should leave the fate of Kashmiri in their own hand.We have been spending so much money on Kashmir. Let them burn in their jihad. We can not expect peace in India until the Kashmir problem is solved.

  • Allow Kashmir to be independent.

    India should give up Kashmire. This is because a portion of the people living there would like independence from the country of India. While it would not be financially the best move at first, Kashmir would thrive on its own eventually. It might also bring more peace to the region.

  • India should, yes

    I do think that India should give up Kashmir. The reason is because there is too much conflict, and if a region wants to be free after centuries of control, they should be allowed their freedom. The same goes for Scotland in the UK. It's time the world moves forward.

  • Yes, they should.

    I do believe that it would be in India's best interest to give up Kashmir. They spend so much money and lose the lives of so many soldiers fighting and have very little to show for the efforts. Many of the people living in Kashmir are Muslims and do not want to consider themselves Indians.

  • Yes, India should.

    India should not dominate Kashmir for tourism and power. Neither should Pakistan. I am an Indian, But firstly I am a human, Can't deny their pain. India being a superior country than terror region Pakistan, Must give up on Kashmir if we want to free kashmiris from misery. Indians should understand atleast because Pakistani won't, And the wisest one has make a sacrifice if humanity is the supreme goal. We ourselves can't even withstand a month of corona lockdown, It is terrifying to imagine their situation. I hope India to understand their condition as a superior nation and act quick to establish global peace.

  • Wasting too much of resources and manpower

    Official elections should be held regionally. One part being J&K and other being Leh-Ladakh. People from whichever part don't want to be part of India, Leave them on their own. India should make the permanent border after that. And then Free area MUST not ask for help again like '47. Yes there are chances it will create scenario like partition; people will migrate from one part to other, But this time it can be more controlled scenario under military presence.

  • They don't like them

    Its difficult to rule over people that hate you. Ask anyone in Kashmir and on face they might tell you they love india out of fear of being killed. But deep down they all hate india, Even their unborn child is aware of this hate. No point on forcefully ruling over people that hate you.

  • KASHMIR is full of Muslims all across.

    The india is doing so much voilance on human rights which is well known all arround the globe but the international organizations are not doing any thing because india is doing it all. India is doing bad things to muslims and as well as other religions even in PUNJAB, Rajasthan ant its every state.

  • Leave them to themselves and let be done with their own ideologies. .

    They are just bleeding our mainland resources by we supposedly taking care of them and they are mean killers filled w/ an anti-India sentiment fueled by Pakistan. Let them be. . But only part w/ the Kashmir valley where the majority are their fanatic muslims. Like an earlier person mentioned. . Leh Ladakh and Jammu should remain w/ India. All non-muslims should be allowed and given time to leave the portion of Kashmir valley to be given to the pro azaadis. Then there should be a complete sealing of our boundaries once and for all. Enough of this disputed areas and living in limbo. . . If we do this now a time may come in the future where certain parts may want to join India from Pakistan. . Perhaps even the whole of it. . . As Pakistan as Respected Tarik Fatah says is not a country. . But a viscious anti-Hindu ideologically frenzied mobs of Urdu speaking so called intellects who live in fool's paradise. They think that the their actions cannot be perceived by the masses. Astonishingly and sadly speaking there are many Pakistani people who do not have and share the animosity which the military of Pakistan possesses. Yet they have no choice. . But to live n agree w/ this bigotted Quaidi-azam followers who are so blind, Senseless and tasteless. I am surprised these people were once part of Hindustan. What a shame! What these scumbags do not realize is that if not for the majority being Hindus. . Pakistanis would have been dismembered ages ago. It's like life is to the tolerant ones, You give your best and get the worst in return! I have lived in muslim countries and therefore know what it can be like over there. You either take it or get taken away by the law! You can't just leave it by the way. . . . That's why I love India and know its true worth. . . She may not be poshe and glamorous but genuine and fulfilling. Jai Hind. . .

  • Never ever !

    Kashmir is one of the beauty valley in the world and it has a lot of connection with Hinduism india did wrong when they give up the Sindu: valley were hinduism was created (which is in pakistan).... If people in Kashmir doesnt wnt to be with india they should leave india and go to pakistan or Bangladesh they doesnt have any right to ask india to give up on Kashmir because Kashmir is IN INDIA ! ITS NOT ANOTHER COUNTRY SO THAT THEY CAN ASK FOR FREEDOM!!! WHAT DID INDIAN ARMY DID WRONG TO THEM ? NOTHING !!! THESE MUSLIMS KILLED MORE THAN 10 BILLION INDIANS and now they are trying to act like victims ??? Pakistan and bengladesh were given up from india for muslims who didnt wanted to be in india so they can GO THERE IF THEY DOESN'T WANT TO STAY IN INDIA !

  • No never, if possible take back POK.

    Pakistan is just trying to create insurgencies in Kashmir. ISI and their military wings provokes youth. Unfortunately Pakistan which safe home for terrorist creates problem for entire world; demand Kashmir on basis Muslim population. India has more Muslim than Pakistan. Therefore, Pakistan's argument is not valid in current time. Pakistan is land of extremists where most top rank population always will be obsessed with India. It is unfortunate that such nonsense country got the nuclear weapon and try threaten India and entire world.

  • No! Never it should give up!

    Entire region of Jammu & Kashmir belongs to India. Jammu and Ladakh have Hindu and Buddhist majority. Only kashmir valley has muslim majority and valley's total land space is less than 10% of whole Jammu & Kashmir state's entire land. So should india sacrify nearly 90% of it's territory for people who are in majority living under less than 10% territory ? If Muslims want to go with Pakistan, they should move to Pakistan as per their 2 nation theory. It's also important to note that india have more muslims than pakistan defeating it's 2 nation theory principle! Strategically and natural resources point of view also, Kashmir is key for India. Over 1000 years before it was a land of Brahmin pandit's and historically belong to India only. So India should never give up on Kashmir no matter how much it costs to India.

  • No, India should not

    Pakistan itself was formed on the basis of two-nation theory which India never accepted. So when the ruler of Kashmir acceded to India, the fact that Kashmir was a Muslim majority region did not mean that it could not be a part of India. Moreover it is home to ethnic Kashmiri Pandits who would have been viciously persecuted had it become a part of Pakistan. India was 100% right in merging Kashmir with itself. The only unfinished agenda (thanks to the stupidity of Nehru) is the integration of PoK with India which will happen eventually.

    Pakistan is already failing on its claim of united Muslim nationhood. It lost Bangladesh due to its Urdu obsession. It is similarly going to lose Balochistan. After a while only the Pakistani Punjab will be all that is left. Then PoK will willingly join India.

  • It is theirs

    No, I do not think that India should give this up if they do not want to. We can not say whether or not they should give something up, that is completely up to them and what they want in their country. They probably think that we should give up a lot of things to.

  • Not at this point

    Kashmir has been a long term issue for India in terms of foreign policy, but by this point, after going to war for the area, and after administering it for decades, its now fairly firmly entrenched within the Indian political establishment and, as India will only get more powerful, it won't lessen any time soon.

  • Never ever give up

    As we have to respect the life sacrifices of our INDIAN SOLDIERS who fought bravely for a cause.
    If we give up Kashmir, There is no meaning to their deaths.
    Their(Pakistan militant groups) atrocities should be culminated so that we shall have peace here after.
    They should get educated well so that at least we can expect a peaceful nation(Pakistan) in near future.

  • Kashmiriyat is aabout pluralism

    Kashmiriyat is a shared identity across Jammu and Kashmir Hindus and Muslims which was radicalized by wahaabi Muslim hardliners in very recent history. Otherwise kashmir was always a Hindu state, It is the birthplace of the main Hindu deity Shiva, And at any rate it is too geopolitically sensitive to ever be independent. If some Kashmiris want to leave India they can go PoK or ‘independent kashmir’. But a lot of Kashmiris want to stay put and avail of India’s trade and infrastructure power.

  • NEVER EVER Only the people with low level intelligence will support this claim of giving away kashmir

    Some Kashmiris may feel they will be more happy being Independent rather than joining India or Pakistan. J &K will face more heat if they become independent. It will be dead lock land from CHINA, INDIA and Pakistan. They have to depend on any one of the 3 country, Who are going to squeeze them, Once they are independent. It will be another Afghanistan, Where Pakistan did not allow to trade. Afghanistan is lucky that India and Iran rescued them from Chabahar Port. Kashmiris should remember that Afghanistan is a Muslim country and are more happy with India rather than Pakistan to trade. Any govt requires revenue to run the country and revenue is generated through trade. Kashmir will have a very tough time if it s independent.

    Quiet interesting question which is not going to happen. Lets see point by point, What will happen if Kashmir is given to Pakistan.

    Pakistan will be happy for a short period and then will shift its demand to Punjab as Half Punjab is in Pakistan just like J&K. Terrorism will start in Punjab like the 80s supported by Pakistan, Just like AZAD J&K, It will be Khalistan
    The worst part will be J&K will another under developed state like POK. There will be no jobs. Tourism will sour as Indians will not be allowed. The per capita income of J&K will become bad to worst.
    Terrorism factory will be shifted from J&K border to Punjab border.
    Huriyat will be disappointed as their fund will be completely stopped and they will no longer receive funds from Pakistan.
    Kashmiris and Pakistanis will have internal clash for AZAD KASHMIR just like Baluchistan.
    Since Pakistan is already loaded with heavy loans, Very small amount will be given to Kashmir just like Baluch for development.
    Kashmir Muslims who are brothers of Pakistan as of today will become Muhajir all of a sudden just like Bengalis and Baluchs
    Fund from India for development of Kashmir will stop with immediate effect
    Kashmiri Apples will be Sold in Pakistan for lower price than India as demand in India is more than Pakistan. Duty will be imposed by India on Kashmiri Apple to protect Himachal Apple farmers.
    Finally it will be too late for Kashmiris to know, What blunder they have done by joining Pakistan.

  • If other states of india can thrive, Then even kashmir will.

    Why is it that all the other states are either thriving or improving, Except kashmir? It is because some people within kashmir are letting pakistanis play with the mind of young kashmiris. These power hungry small percentage wants to be the next jinnah at the cost of young kashmiris. Innocent kasmiris are unable to understand that they are being taken advantage of by these power hungry people and are supporting them. Pakistanis are unable to prosper all these years, Kashmir will not thrive with pak. If kashmir becomes independent from both the countries then will pakistan leave pok as well? Even if it does, Who will save kashmir from pak & china?
    Strategically if we let kashmir be an independent county, We will be exposing ourselves to China & Pakistan, And we will be putting across the message to Maoists & Khalistanis and other such terrorists group to start expecting a separate country as well. Cannot let India disintegrate. There is not a single positive either for kashmir or for india. Its only for pak and consequently for china.

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