• Iran has the ability to help America with Syria.

    Yes, Iran can help America in Syria. Iran seems to have somewhat of a long standing relationship or bond, with Syria. For that reason, it is possible that the Iranians may have some sway with Syria and Assad to help achieve peace, which is what America would want to see for Syria.

  • Yes, Iran is integral in sorting out Syria.

    Although senators previously considered Iran of little to no help in helping with Syria, the situation is clearly able to be helped with Iran's involvement. Iran is providing the most capitol for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and may be providing many weapons as well. By talking with Iran and convincing them to abandon their support, America could have a huge ally.

  • no they cant

    No, I do not think that Iran will be able to help America a whole lot in Syria, because I think that our relations with them are not good enough to have them help us fix all of the trouble that is going on right now in Syria with their conflicts.

  • No, I do not.

    I highly doubt the Iranians would step up and help the United States in Syria. This is enemy upon enemy upon enemy. Whatever special interests involved would end in disaster later on. This would just be a really bad idea, and I don't think there could be good, lasting relations between the US and Iran.

  • America Should Stay Out of Syria

    I do not believe that Iran can help America in Syria. I believe it is best for America to stay out of Syria. Furthermore, relations between Iran and America are still on shaky ground, just because relations are improving is no reason for America to depend on Iran for anything.

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