• Outsourcing will continue to usher Corporate Feudalism.

    It's all about margins no matter what anyone says. Companies don't want to increase prices in fear of losing customers. So they outsource to increase profit "organically". Then they raise prices anyways to double dip. Outsourcing extracts money from the economy in which the company participates. Soon nobody will be able to participate because corporations have hoarded away all the wealth. This will only help increase the wealth gap further.

  • Yes, though this is a good thing

    It is true that jobs and "outsourcing" is due to greed, and it is also true that everyone is greedy (not just the people in the corporations, but me, you, unions, the poor, the rich, the middle class...Etc.). Furthermore, this is a good thing as it allows the consumer to buy cheaper goods, as well as gives the people in poorer countries a chance for a better life (as there are new alternative employment).

    Posted by: WXL
  • Yes, corporations just want their profits.

    Yes, jobs moving oversees is the direct consequence of businesses that only care about money. If they didn't care about money, they'd keep those jobs over here in the United States for our people to benefit from them. However, only cheap labor makes crappy companies make profits in the world, unfortunately.

  • Yes, corporations only want profits.

    Yes, corporations care solely about profits and will always put that first before anything. That's easy to see as they continue to move profits to tax shelters. What we need is for the loopholes to close in the United States so that the people (average people) can see some of that money.

  • They have to profit.

    No, I do not think that jobs moving overseas is only due to corporate greed, because the companies have to be able to turn a profit. The greedy ones are the unions, so stand and defiantly demand that the corporations pay them more than they can afford to. The corporations don't have a choice.

  • Only a Bit

    It is true that business exists only to make money (or at least that's what it should do lest it find itself out of business). However, the outsourcing is not simply caused by this motive alone but is rather the product of this motive and the regulatory and tax environment of the country or even state in which the business initially existed. Minimum wage laws, hiring regulations, high taxes, and other unnecessary "safety" and "environmental" regulations created by lobbyists seeking to corner the market for their clients tend to make an area less attractive for business while areas without these and with the presence of other conditions such as cheaper labor are more attractive. So when positive and negative reinforcement are used on a business to outsource (even if it's unwittingly) the result is quite obvious.

  • No, jobs moving overseas is not only about corporate greed.

    Moving jobs overseas makes things cheaper in most cases. By making things cheaper, many times it allows the business to offer products cheaper than if they were produced in the USA. Businesses could be looking out for the value the buyer sees in its good when they move overseas to save money. The business may also seek to find a outsourcing company that specializes in the service they need. If you hire Joe-shmoe to do a job in the US, it's not guaranteed that he's always a better worker than someone in India.

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