• Julian Assange Wikileaks

    I personally think that Julian Assange was the founder of Wikileaks should be arrested because it has affected not only technology but the society as well. I personally think that since it was evidence that Julian Assange was the founder of Wikileaks and he has been hiding for a very long time he should be arrested.

  • Yes Julian Assange should be arrested.

    He leaked very important government knowledge. It put our great nation at risk for terrorist threats. I think if someone is trusted as he was with the knowledge that he was trusted with, and breaks that trust, he is liable for any and all events that resulted from his carelessness.

  • Assange should be under house arrest.

    Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, should indeed be arrested. He revealed too many secrets of governments around the world. He is a security breach disaster and should be kept to live under house arrest where he will cause no more problems. The West already has enough domestic and international issues without having to worry if they will be exploited by people such as Assange.

  • Julian Assange has done nothing wrong.

    The dissemination of information is not illegal. Wikileaks is a public access website. It serves as a member of the press. The press has a freedom to print whatever it wants. If Wikileaks recieves information, they have a right to publish it without fear of reprisal from the government just because it makes them look bad. If the government wants to stop people from saying bad things, they should stop doing bad things.

  • No, let assange go.

    julian Assange isn't that big of a deal, in my opinion. The stuff he releases doesn't even come close to comparing with some of the stuff anonymous has done. I haven't really seen anything damming from Assange, and I don't expect anything released by him to change the world. Just let him walk. It's the better thing to do.

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