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  • How has he not won one already?

    Di Caprio has been looked over every time the Oscars come around, because the academy always see someone they think is more deserving. But he is a phenomenal actor who possesses amazing range and is convincing in every role. Back when he was just a child he managed to convince a major portion of viewers that he had a mental health condition and everyone was shocked upon seeing him at the red carpet. He has consistently acted to an amazingly high calibre that it is a mystery why he has not already gotten the award he so truly deserves. The Wolf of Wall Street was a smash, he carried out the role of Jordan with outstanding believability, if he doesn't get an Oscar then that would be a major injustice.

  • Yes he should've won

    He's an amazing actor. Like so amazing. And he was great in both movies. He's a very versatile actor, and he can take on roles as different as a Wall Street investment banker, and a high-end rich businessman. He has had many great films this year, and I think he's great!

  • Of course he should've!

    He should've won several already, but of course, we all knew he wouldn't. One of the best actors of today, and of all time. People who say he is just an attractive actor are foolish ignorants. If you notice looks in any way when thinking about who should or should not win something then you are clearly not fit to be a deciding factor on the issue. He plays his roles almost flawlessly every time.

  • Yes, I think that Leonardo DiCaprio should win an Oscar this year.

    I strongly believe that Leonardo Dicaprio should win an Oscar this year. His performance in Wolf of Wall Street was absolutely amazing, and his talent really shows. I feel as if he has gotten robbed in the past, and he does not deserve to get robbed again this year. Let Leonardo Dicaprio win!

  • Yes, he deserves to win

    DiCaprio has been consistently putting on Oscar caliber performances for years. The man deserves one. His role in Wolf of Wall Street was probably his best performance ever, and its certainly worthy of an Oscar. He has very often been so close to an Oscar, and this may finally be the year for him. He definitely deserves it. But whether or not he gets it remains to be seen.

  • No,not this year,but in other years.

    His performance in Wolf of Wall street was good an all,but not his best.Matthew McConaughey this year had a better performance in Dallas Buyer's Club,a worthy victor.Though do not get me wrong,I absolutely love DiCaprio and his work,but this year he won to a worthy victor and this year was not his best role.However,he has more than deserved Oscars in other years due to his countless masterpieces such as his roles in Whats Eating Gilbert Grape,Titanic,Basketball Diaries,Shutter Island and so on.Not this year,but many other years.

  • No, Leonardo DiCaprio should not win an Oscar this year.

    Even though I think that Leonard DiCaprio did a great job in his role in the film The Wolf Of Wall Street, I do not think it was the best performance of the year in movies. I think there were better actors in better roles last year like Christian Bale.

  • Not his year

    DiCaprio has lost out a few times already, but he shouldn't feel despondent - every year he has been nominated he has always been up against stiff competition. This time around, he'll be facing down Matthew McConaughey for his tremendous work in a lesser film, Dallas Buyer's Club. McConaughey has been marginalized, like DiCaprio once was, for many years for taking pretty boy roles and has only recently started to rehabilitate his career by showing off his real talent. He deserves that recognition more right now.

  • He plays all characters the same.

    No, I do not think that Leonardo DiCaprio should win an Oscar this year, because he plays all characters in the same way. DiCaprio is very attractive, but he is not that talented of an actor. There are many other people who are more deserving of recognition than DiCaprio for their work this year.

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