Do you think that life is tough? (being human, living in a society, dealing with fears etc.)

Asked by: Adam_Godzilla
  • It somewhat depends, but inevitably yes.

    Being aware of the fact that life is short, death is inevitable, and humans are infinitely insignifcant, and similar ideas are tough.

    Living up to society's standards and its idea of "free" is also a struggle. Having to conform to certain clothing and trends of society is a struggle if you're one to care about popularity.

    Having a race/sexuality/religion/gender that wasn't approved of by the majority would be a huge struggle, I think.

  • This is without a doubt

    Life is tough. I mean specifically for myself, it is tough because I'm a homosexual and people make it their life's work to simply make my life more complicated due to that. Being a human living an ignorant and disgusting society that swarms with bigotry is hard. I was born in Hungary & it obvious and people like to be xenophobic to me as well as homophobic. I could go on about the emotional complications that exist besides being socially rejected like trying to understand who you are, trying to find yourself & understand the world as best you can; the frustration, anger and depression is uncanny to deal with. Life is tough unless you're a white heterosexual cis male conservative republican religious male living in the America. For just about everybody else, life is actually not easy because of the negative preconceived stigmatized notions against you; like being black, gay, non-america, irreligious, etc.

  • Fear is the toughest emotion

    Sometimes, you get so afraid of so many things that it feels like you're suffocating. There is so much fear in the world. I think even more than there is hate or bigotry. The fear is what impedes our progress as a society. We are even afraid of each other, so much so we keep those we do not trust in large prisons for years. We rebel against the government because we fear we lack power. We're even afraid to feel fear. To me, fear is the toughest emotion to deal with in life. And that makes life tough. Survival becomes so important that we ignore what it means to actually live.

  • "Tough" is a human invention.

    Life is only tough when one adds that label to it. Life is not tough unless you compare it to someone who has more than you. Likewise, life is not good unless you compare it to someone worse than you. Life is not tough unless you call it that; give it that label. Because it is not life that is tough, but your feelings about life which make it tough.

    If you thought your life was tough, and then swapped places with someone worse off than you, you may suddenly view your life under a new light. The "toughness" of one's life is all about comparison. If humans all lived in mansions and one lived in a hut, he'd think his life was tough. If humans all lived in holes and one lived in a hut, he'd think his life was lucky. So even though he still lived in a hut, it was when he compared his life to others around him he gave his life those labels.

    Life is only tough if you label it that. Tough is a human invention.

    So if you feel like your life is tough, know that's only because you're comparing it to someone better than you. If you want to feel better about your life, compare it to someone worse off than you.

  • Life as a whole.

    Life must be viewed as a fortunate accident. From man's origins, we could have been stars, oceans, fishes, or rocks, but became otherwise. That makes life so precious, a one-time thing with its irregularities, and possibilities. It is a combination of beauty and ugliness, light and darkness, power and weakness, pain and pleasure-thus, must be appreciated not for its positive parts, but LIFE AS A WHOLE. So why would life be tough if we accept that things we perceive to be negative are part of life, as much as positive things are in it too?

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