Do you think that making the register to vote process easier will encourage young people to vote?

  • Yes it will.

    One of the biggest reasons why I did not vote for several years was because the regristration process was too difficult and I had trouble updating my registration when I moved. Moving to a state where registration was much easier made it easy for me to register to vote and I started voting again then.

  • Yes, Making Voters Registration easier will encourage young people to vote.

    Yes, more young adults will be motivated to register if the process was easier.. In my opinion, Video Games and Social Media have take precedence over the welfare of our country in the last few generations. There has been a massive decrease in motivation and self preservation. Making it easier to register would be a step in the right direction toward getting more people interested in becoming a Registered Voter and having a say in how this country is run.

  • Ease and efficieny dominate the decision-making processes of today's youth.

    In this day and age age, where the the access and exchange of information and ideas is virtually immediate, creating an ease and efficiency when it comes to transactions of any kind, is essential. By making the register to vote process easier, I think that this country would see much greater political engagement and participation among today's youth.

  • Streamling the process would encourage younger voters.

    Young people, particularly college students, often leave it too late to register to vote which renders vast swathes of the population effectively disenfranchised. This problem could be rectified by streamlining the current registration process, which can often be fairly complicated. A possible solution would be to start to phase in a simple online platform of a series of election cycles. This could ensure that more young voters are registered on time.

  • Voting is Meaningless and They Know It

    The entire voting system has been gerrymandered to death and every study done has indicated that all any politician has to do in order to win is to advertise more than the competition. Hence, the reason a demagogue like Trump who is a long time huge professional wrestling fan and reality TV star is running for the highest office in the nation.

    Money is doing all the driving and within twenty years commercial fishing is projected to become history because there simply won't be enough wild fish left in the ocean. Within fifty years, every wild land animal larger than dog will either be extinct or only exist in zoos, and by the end of the century 80% of the surface of the earth will become desert. Meanwhile, the banks just got away with raping the entire nation and putting all of our children into debt they cannot hope to pay off in their lifetime.

    Sometimes, I wish the idiots would just get it over with and blow up the whole planet. At least it would be more humane.

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