Do you think that man is what you make him in the first five years?

Asked by: shaheerah
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  • Are You Kidding?

    Five years is nothing! Professionally, it takes longer. Some careers require more education than others. Then, you must consider the impact that other variables have, i.E. The recession, health, environment, etc. These things can slow the process -- even bring it to a halt. A person (male or female) is growing on many levels, even into their 30's. I would bet if you examined the lives of our 44 Presidents ... Less than half looked like Presidential-material 5 years after high school or college!

  • Man is what you make him in first five years

    I disagree with this quote.The learning period of a child starts from a day one born and continue till death.The training till the age of five is nothing once in school the child will come into contact with different ideas and ways of behavior he will have to fit into a whole new system or set of rules that might be very differ from those at home.

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