• I don't think its the planes, I think its the pilots

    Aviation is big business, never mind what the airline lobby says. The number of people who travel by air has grown all over the world. There is more demand than ever. As the demand grows I fear that the standards for pilots has been somewhat relaxed. If the world could agree on more rigorous standard for pilot training there would be fewer accidents, at least that's what I think

  • Yes, many airplane crashes today can be preventable.

    There is still old technology in use today in airports and air traffic towers around the world. The use of manual air traffic controllers opens up the door for human error and ultimatly an incident. Theses human errors can be removed all together with the use of the latest technology.

  • With proper checks.

    Yes, I think that many of the airplane crashes in today's world are preventable, because pilots of small planes need to check their planes thoroughly before they take off. They need to be sure not to try to fly in bad weather. With proper safety checks and good judgment, most plane crashes are avoidable.

  • No, I believe there will always be some amount of accidents.

    I disagree. The very small amount of airplane crashes we see today are usually not preventable. There will always be, no matter how stringent the testing, parts that just randomly fail and cause a crash. I think the airline industry has made great strides to reduce the amount of crashes due to human error and they continue to inspect their aircraft thoroughly. After doing both these things there is truly nothing else they can do to prevent a crash. Freak accidents are going to occur.

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