Do you think that media needs to be more strictly controlled (yes) or that existing controls should be relaxed (no)?

  • Yes, I do think that the media needs to be controlled more strictly.

    I definitely think that the media needs to be controlled more strictly because in today's age kids are so susceptible and influenced by what they see and hear in the media. I believe if the media shifted its focus on more positive and encouring messages it could definitely benefit kids .

  • I no like

    I disagree with the idea that media should be controlled more strictly because it is the parents decision. According to an article i read, it stated the 40% of 5th graders has cell phones and the only way they could have a cell phone is if the parents decide to give it to them.

  • I disagree the media was a form of free easy to consume expression

    I feel as though people miss the point of the media, other than news and informational things, it is mostly a mass format for freely expressible art and entertainment to be consumed. Many people consume it on a daily basis just because they enjoy it or are looking for entertainment, in any case It should be relaxed, simply because part of its growth was because of its free restriction, resulting in many of the cultural hits we have today.

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