Do you think that Mike Huckabee's weight loss difficulties affect his ability to hold office?

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  • Weight Not A Factor

    I do not believe Mike Huckabee's weight loss difficulties affect his ability to hold office. If anything his difficulties with health and weight loss makes it more likely for him to identify with the American general public, making him more favorable in my eyes. While weight difficulties can be hard to deal with I do not believe a person who battles them is somehow unfit for the presidency.

  • The nation has this problem

    No, his weight loss difficulties do not affect his ability to hold office at all. He was a great governor here in Arkansas, and would make a great president to this country. Having trouble maintaining weight is something that affects a large majority of the people in this coungry today.

  • Huckabee's Hefty Hold on Political Office Unaffected by His Weight

    Every man has something that he struggles with. For some it is women. Others struggle with whiskey and wine. For Mike Huckabee it is his weight. He has come under scrutiny for his inability to effectively manage his weight. If he does not have the character to stick to a diet and exercise regimen, then how can he be expected to conduct his office with that same lack of character? Simply put, he may be struggling with his weight because his duties linked to that office distract him from his weight concerns. What is more honorable than sacrificing your health for duty to your supporters?

  • They all lose weight.

    No, I do not think that Mike Huckabee's weight loss difficulties affect his ability to hold office, because he had a little bit of weight that he could afford to lose. Huckabee was not thin to begin with. Also, most politicians, including Obama, lose a lot of weight when they are in office. This is normal because of how hectic it is.

  • Weight loss is insignificant

    Weight loss is actually great for people's health, obviously, but if someone has actual health problems then they obviously can't really help this. In spite of the implication that people with weight loss issues has a lack of self control, there's no reason that the issue should affect the election.

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