• The media is biased to support politicians!

    During campaigning in the Scottish Independence Referendum, the mainstream media were completely biased in favour of Westminster's agenda.
    The BBC promoted outright lies and even invented a few of their own, in attempts to scupper democratic process and ensured campaign suffrage was heavily in favour of Unionist campaigners!
    The media also printed a front page purdah breaking "vow" to Scotland, supposedly signed by Westminster Party leaders, which these same Party leaders now deny! Overwhelming evidence of this exists but is played down and unreported in the corporate mainstream media!
    After all, the majority of TV and newspapers are owned by a mere six corporations.
    Of course media bias is politically motivated!

  • Media bias is politically motivated?

    I do believe that media bias is politically motivated because the issues surrounding us are the reasons that the media do so well with getting storys and make you believe that some issues in the world are more important then other issues around the world. The decisions that the politicans make sway you in what you think.

  • The media is politically motivated

    Most media bias is politically motivated. For the most part, the media is very liberal and the general public has a very low opinion of the national news media. Most people that enter journalism go to schools that are dominated by liberal teachers. This helps form their opinions and guides their views.

  • Conservative and Pro-Business Bias Is Real

    There is no such thing as a "liberal media" bias. That is just something conservative commentators created as a means to "work the refs." In reality, the political bias in American media leans towards the right, and it leans favorable towards business. After all, it is corporations that pay for all the advertisements during news programming.

  • This bias just keeps people's attention.

    Media bias is not really politically motivated. It is displayed to simply get people of certain political persuasions to watch -- to create a battle of words and ideals that keep people tuning in. This keeps the ratings up. If no one picked a side, then there wouldn't be anything to watch because most people don't want to see people get along all the time.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that most of the media bias is motivated by politics. I think that it is motivated by the writers and producers who plan out what the people who say the news are going to say, and that their opinions are the ones that are shown.

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