Do you think that most of the airplane accident rumors from the Bermuda Triangle are true?

  • Yes, I believe that most of the airplane accident rumors from the Bermuda Triangle are true.

    There are many flights that fly through the area known as the Bermuda Triangle every day and are fine, the majority of the rumors came from times when our navigating technology in Airplanes was more primitive then it is today and many pilots ended up either lost or got caught in a storm in that region and that is how the rumors and legends was born.

  • It is possible

    It is indeed possible that some plane accidents that occur around the area around Bermuda usually called the Bermuda Triangle may be true. I say this because their is a lot of reports not simply in just one year but, in many years of planes and other things that just go missing.

  • Fantastical stories meant to entertain.

    I believe that most airplane crashes from the Bermuda Triangle are just conspiracy theories and are meant more for entertainment than as real life stories. Conspiracy theories are generally not provable and even if they were there is not much anyone could do to prove them. Therefore the Bermuda Triangle is a great, but untrue, story.

  • Without physcial documentation it is hearsay

    There are many rumors about the Bermuda Triangle. If there isn't any documentation or physical evidence of these airplane accidents. What we do know is that in the Bermuda Triangle navigation equipment such as compasses are useless. This will cause pilots to have incidents and spark rumors about the Triangle with no real backing from those that return.

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