Do you think that Nicole Kidman went to far when she told Jimmy Fallon that he was not interested in her?

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  • No, but who really cares

    I don't really know. Fallon likes to make joke about the missed date or phone call or whatever. The bad second date made for some awkward TV time, but at the end of the day, who really cares about it. Both Kidman and Fallon have lives and families just not with one another.

  • No, he did the right thing.

    I strongly believe that Nicole Kidman did the right thing by telling Jimmy Fallon that he was not interested in her. She did not go too far when she acted this way. She was only opening her heart and saying nothing but the truth. During the show she reminds him that he did not ask her out. That he was not so interested in her

  • No, I do not believe that Nicole Kidman has every right to not be interested in someone

    No, Nicole Kidman has every right to decide who she is interested in and who she is not. She, as an actress, should not be subjected to tolerant views of liking everyone else. I believe that her views are her right and Jimmy Fallon should not be trying to push the issue. She is definitely entitled to her opinion and is protected by the first amendment to say what she wants.

  • It was a great joke!

    I loved the skit between Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman. They were just two people, having a little fun at each others' expense. There were no hard feelings, and they ended on a good note with each other. This is a great example of fun comedy, if you ask me.

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