• Handled It As About As Well As Could Be expexted

    I am not sure what else people wanted him to do? Some people just criticize just to criticize. I think Obama could of did exactly what his critics wanted, and they would of said he should of handled the way he did handle it. Trust me handled it a lot better than what some neoconservative would of handled it. We do not need anymore wars.

  • Yes he did

    Yes, I think that president Obama did handle this event quite well, and I think that the people of this country seen that. I think that Obama has done a decent job on a lot of things while he has been if office, but he is not very liked at all.

  • No, He did not handle the Arab Spring well

    Through Obamas lack of any sort of major intervention in the Arab spring uprisings, he showed the Arab community that the US has no interest in maintaining the human rights of countries which bring us no economic gain. The US could (suuposedly) care less about a countries human rights if there is no benefit to us. Example being what happened in Rwanda.

  • No, I do not think Obama has handled the Arab spring well.

    In regards to the Arab spring, Obama, while not physically involving America in any of them, has made it all too clear on where he stand on them. He should have taken a more neutral stance regarding a lot of the protests that were happening around the world in the Arab countries.

  • No, the Arab Spring sent confusing messages to the world.

    No, Obama did not handle the Arab Spring in an effective manner. It appeared as though he strongly attachd the US to certain factions and had strong opinions on some groups and countries, and then took an air of total indifference towards very similar events in other countries and among other groups. If the goal of the Arab Spring was humanitarian, as claimed, it makes no sense to ignore human rights offenses in some countries while actively intervening for the sake of human rights in others.

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