Do you think that Obama is qualified to make judgments about an appropriate defense spending budget?

  • Yes: Obama is Qualified To Make Judgements on Defense Spending

    Obama is a right leaning centrist Democrat who is playing to special interests and the unapologetic American Empire. He has made poor decisions with regard to Syria, Lybia, Iran and now potentially the Ukraine. But this is par for the course for politicians. He is just as qualified as any other military industrial scum bag elected to office. The people more qualified than him or the hard right republicans would be those who understood the flaws of the system and began de-escalating the simmering global conflagrations. Such people, however are unlikely to be elected, in a culture that has been successfully brainwashed by people looking to manipulate the masses with media propaganda and cherry picked data from slanted poll questions.

  • Yes, as much as any other president.

    A president is the commander in chief of the armed forces and not all of them were officers in the armed forces or even served in them. However, with the advice of those who are in the armed forces, any president, including Obama, should be qualified to make the decisions on defense spending that need to be made.

  • Yes He Is

    As the president of the United States you are briefed and informed by a plethora of people who oversee their own specialties. With this method we know the president isn't just making self-educated guesses about defense budgets. He is making decisions after discussing the important points with other people who know more about the situation. I believe he is qualified to collect and quantify this information in order to make an informed decision.

  • No, Obama is not qualified to make judgements in regards to defense spending.

    I do not think that Obama is qualified to make judgments about an appropriate defense spending budget. I think that Obama doesn't have the qualifications to decide how the funds should be spent or how much should be spent. Plus his opinions are probably bias since he's anti-defense and military spending

  • He is not. He does not have our national security interests at heart.

    If you look at the Obama foreign policy, it is built on wishes and dreams. John Kerry recently talked about Putin using 19th century tactics in the 21st century. Regardless of what you feel, evil in this world exists and force must be met with force. Not everyone plays by the UN charter. It is naive and irresponsible to downgrade ofur defense budget in the face or real threats.

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