Do you think that Obama will be able to promote the passage of new laws for air pollution reduction in America?

  • Yes, I think Obama wil lbe able to promote the passage of new air pollution laws.

    I think that it will be a tough sell to Congress but I think everyone can eventually get behind sensible Air Pollution laws that don't effect industries that negatively, I think everyone recognizes the importance of having clean air and the health problems that come out of having pollutants everywhere.

  • Yes, I do.

    Most Americans acknowledge the fact that climate change is real now, and the GOP are trying to appeal to the younger voting block--the vast majority of young people believe in climate change--so I do think he will be able to promote the passage of the new lws for air pollution reduction.

  • yes he will

    Yes, i do think that he will be able to promote these laws, and i think that if they can get them in place it will do a whole lot for the environment and will make sure that we take care of this world for a long time in coming.

  • Not with this congress

    I think that he probably wants to pass new laws about air pollution reduction, but I don't think that he actually will considering how polarized congress is. They have literally passed no legislation and will continue to do so until a different president is in the white house. It will not go through.

  • Obama will try

    Obama will try to pass new laws that he says reduce air pollution but he is wrong in his theories and he will not be able to pass them. He uses any reason to pass laws that reduce peoples freedom and impose more regulation over enterprise. The majority of voters are against these.

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