• Yes definitely we have to do something

    Its sad because the food available today is total junk and some of it even claims to be healthy if we don't do anything about some of these kids might not make to 40 its sad but it could happen some will grow up and lose their mobility Some will develop diabetes I think the food and drug organization needs to do something about the cheap fillers that are being put in our foods and we need to continue to educating on healthy lifestyle many people can't afford to shop at health food stores obesity is not just about looks

  • Yes!!!!! Childhood obesity is a major problem.

    Obesity in children of all ages is a major problem in the USA because we the parents don't realize that what we feed our children are mostly processed foods and that's the major problem. We are working so much that we don't have time to buy and prepare healthy foods or even buy organic. Then we are left wondering why is my child sick? Why do they have eating disorders? Why do they have diabetes? Why does my child have high blood pressure? We need to make sure our kids are eating right and getting the right amount of physical education.

  • Yes, it's very alarming.

    Yes, I do think that obesity in children should be more of a concern. Obesity is a disease that can lead to bigger health problems like hypertension and diabetes. Children shouldn't have to deal with problems that are so life threatening, they should have fun and focus on just being children.

  • Yes, I think obesity in children should be more of a concern.

    I think if a child learns that obese is okay then he or she will likely be obese the majority of their life and suffer the appropriate health problems that come with it, I think we need to be actively trying to solve the problem of child obesity while it's in the early stages.

  • Yes, obesity in children should be more of a concern.

    The health and well being of children should always be a concern, this is true for every generation. So it stands to reason, that obesity in children should be more of a concern. This means on a personal level and a governmental level. We need to help our children combat things like obesity on a daily basis.

  • It Is a Concern

    Obesity in children is a concern and it is being addressed. Childhood obesity rates are declining, proof that the concern and actions to address it, are working. Childhood obesity is troubling but less common today than it was a decade ago. If we truly want to address it further we need to find ways to make healthy foods cheaper in price.

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