Do you think that parents should not baptize a child or bind him/her to any religion at birth?

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  • Its called indoctrination.

    When you baptize a child into a religion at birth, you are indoctrinating that child into something they may not agree with later on in life. If we went around baptizing children into racism or homophobia people would be appalled, yet some religion teach these exact things so why should we be telling children this is acceptable. Don't baptize and give your children a chance to choose.

  • Freedom of Religion and Choice

    A basic rule of humanity is that everyone has the right to do whatever they want to as long as their actions do not violate the rights of any other individual. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that 'Everyone is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status'. Therefore, children should not be bound to any religion from birth and should be taught about their parents religions as well as other belief systems so that they can make a choice of whether or not they want to be part of any religion.

  • Loss of free will

    Before the child can even think for himself or herself, he is taught that the parent's chosen decision is best, and as with many other things, it stays on in their lives , lumped in with the 'default pre-installed package' with morals and other actually needed things. Would you be evil if you were taught evil from young? Most people would be evil and would stay evil, especially if the evil-influencing parents stay with them until they are 18. Converts and atheist are but a minority and most other children would be deprived of their free will for the rest of their lives before they could choose their path in life.

  • This was hard to answer

    I suppose it should be the child's choice when they are older, to decide whether or not they want to commit to a religion. Yet, I do not really object with baptism at birth, as the child does not have to commit to the religion as they grow up. However, a child may have been christened at birth, but they then might grow up, not wanting to commit to that certain religion. ( They might want to become Buddhist, or a Muslim instead, etc, etc.)

  • Yes they should not

    Parents shouldn't baptize or bind him or her to any religion at birth because that doesn't allow them to choose the religion of their choice. Not everyone believes in the religion that's why we have many different religions. Also baptizing and or binding a child at birth may pressure the child and make them think that they may have to bethat religion.

  • Kids shouldn't be forced to accept a certain religion

    Many families today have different religions, parents may be Catholic while their kids choose Orthodox, or Muslim Faith even. By baptizing a child at birth, or binding a child to their certain religion, the parents are telling the child that they only have on choice in religion, and that they would only accept the child if they followed the parent's religion.

    By letting the child choose once they are older if they want to continue with the faith of the parents, or choosing whether or not they want to be baptized when they are older, the child knows they have the freedom to choose whether or not they want to be a part of that certain faith and doesn't feel forced to partake in Church, which no one should feel.

  • Torn, but choosing yes

    Parents need to do the best they can to do what is right for their kids. My version would be bringing them up to make a choice, and then seeing where they want to go with it when they reach an age where they can truly consider it, and of their own free will decide to take the path or not.

    With baptism, many parents will see this as the chance of their child being lost to hellfire.

    At the end of the day, while I don't agree with it, it really is just a ceremony with water. It still leaves them free to make their choices as time goes on.

  • Yes, I think that parents should give children the freedom to decide their religion.

    I think that parent should not baptize a child until the child is old enough to decide whether or not baptism is what they want to do. A child should be able to decide what religion they want to follow, and how religious they want to become in the first place.

  • Nothing Wrong With It

    When a child is christened, as an infant, it is a parent's promise to raise that child with faith. When an older child (or even an adult) seeks Baptism ... Holy Communion ... Confirmation, etc. That is their pursuit of their chosen faith. You cannot "bind" a child to any religion, at birth. Kids grow-up. They either continue their faith, or they convert to another, etc. Any parent seeking to connect their infant to faith, through christening, is doing so out of love. You feed a child. You educate them. You give them medical care. You provide parental nurturing. Why would you spiritually deprive them? That doesn't make sense.

  • Baptizing doesn't do any harm at all

    I'm sure it's equally unethical to dress babies in your favourite sports clothing too? Babies can't make choices. We have to make choices for them, and many religious parents want God's blessing. There is nothing wrong with that. It doesn't exactly physically harm or impair the baby in any way. The baby is free to leave the religion when they grow up old enough to make a choice. They are not bound by the religion as a stamp. When the child grows up they become of age when they may become Confirmed if they wish to be a Christian.

    I was offered a choice as a teen (and you can still wait until you are an adult if you can't decide). I chose to become a Christian and I'm glad I did. Many people in my school got baptized and chose to become Confirmed in a service. Many people in my school who got baptized chose not to be confirmed and become atheists. Those Atheists have no qualms about being baptized at birth. For them, it means nothing anyway. So why should this offend anybody?

  • Nope, that's not far

    Everybody should have a choice. Setting your kid to one religion will affect him in a way. Kids should be thought about all the religions, and all the ways.
    Kids won't know what freedom is. If it wasn't for my father I wouldn't be baptized and wouldn't be Christian. Right now I am an Agnostic, I just don't get it why would you force you're child.

    And this is coming from a kid who is almost 14 years old.

  • Baptism is harmless

    Babies can't make choices, so what harm does it do. I was baptied a Methodist. Methodism is about helping the poor and fostering a community. Where's the harm in that? It's a harmless ceremony which ties you more closely to the people who become your godparents and allows you to forge ties with a wider community as a youngster. This socialization can only be a good thing for any new member of society.

  • No, it should be the child's choice

    Human rights to all read the 18th freedom of religion by the UN.

    By forcing them to do this by a young age they are brainwashing them into the religion. Children SHOULD be allowed to make the choice whether if they want to serve a murderous, torturing bigot. It is the child's choice.

  • Difficult to answer

    Something such as a baptism, which has very little effect on the child if he or she grows up and chooses to no longer be in the religion - that is probably fine. However binding things like religious circumcision, that isn't okay at all. Even baptism is iffy - such acts confirm the PARENTS religion, not that of the child.

  • There is nothing wrong with baptism

    Baptism does not take away a child's ability to choose their faith. Baptism is simply a promise from parents and a church to raise a child teaching them the ways of that particular church. The child is still free to choose what they do and don't beleive in and which church they belong to as they get older.

  • Its a child's own life

    A child should be born to this world with the right and ability to do as he or she wishes, not to be directed into a path of no return. Choosing the religion is also a very big deal in ones life, and thus such a big decision should be left for the child to decide for themselves.

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