Do You Think That People In The U.S. Should Be Able To Adopt Kids Over 16 From Other Countries?

Asked by: Neverland521
  • Any Feedback Is Welcome

    I am presenting this bill in class any feedback is welcome. I support this bill completely! This bill will (hopefully) decrease the amount of foster kids who end up on the streets or dead, and it will increase the number of kids who are hosted in homes, as they will have the potential to be adopted.

  • We and other countries should be able to adopt anyone from anywhere until the age of 21.

    Everyone needs a chance to live somewhere where they will be loved, no matter their age. Someone older than 21 should be able to have their choice, and a person at 17 or older should have the choice to stay in the system or not. I think that at 17, the child should choose if they want to be adopted by that family or not.

  • Sorry but no.

    It's a good idea in concept but the fact is that we have no idea where these kids come from, the status of their family, their medical/family/regular history. Furthermore why should the U.S take this responsibility? I rather The UN in general just work on helping these countries on their own child services systems instead of taking their children. I feel like this is a naive concept to pursue in reality.

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