• Yes, I do.

    THere are a lot of people who plan on voting for Hillary but have said little to nothing about who they are voting for or why. They may not have a lot of things to say about who they are voting for or why, but they certainly have made thier mind up about who they support.

  • Yes, people voting for Hillary Clinton are the silent majority.

    Yes, people voting for Hillary Clinton are the silent majority because she will win easily in November. People do not want to elect a man who may destroy our country and our founding principles. Voters care about electing someone who will uphold all of our basic beliefs, and that's who Clinton is.

  • She is attracting support from those who don't like the rough and tumble of political debate.

    Hillary Clinton is attracting support from various American communities who have objected strenuously to the tone of Donald Trump’s campaign and public proclamation, but wouldn’t feel comfortable wading into the debate themselves. While Trump’s supporters, particularly among the Alt-Right feel comfortable expressing their political viewpoints in online forums, Clinton’s natural voters are warier of being verbally attacked.

  • No, The Silent Majority Will Vote for Trump.

    No, I believe the silent majority will vote for Trump. Most Trump supporters seem to be off the grid when it come to taking polls. I feel like those who support Clinton are more likely to be vocal and take online polls. In November it will be a surprise when everyone sees how many people are actually voting for Trump.

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