Do you think that personal information is stolen from cell phones more frequently than from in-home computer thefts?

  • Yes, because smart phones have become so popular.

    Yes, I believe personal information is stolen more from cell phones. Everyone has a smart phone and there are thousands of people who have given up home computers and rely solely on their phones. They have all of their financial information on their phones, and use them for banking in addition to store transactions. I think smart phones are very popular targets right now.

  • Cell phone data is more exposed

    Most phone manufacturers now have a wifi option. The setting for the wifi is set to off by default, but this can be changed so that the phone seek out wifi signals and connect automatically. All that is needed to go into your phone and access your data at this point is a laptop computer with a wifi connection. Set up a LAN wireless connection and wait for cell phones to connect even without the owner even knowing. Steal their data such as passwords, pin numbers, and phone numbers all while sitting in starbucks sipping coffee.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I think that peoples cell phones are not as secure as the computers that a person uses, but they do not realize this at all. i think that is why we get a lot more taken from out phone but do not ever realize that we are at all.

  • Cell Phones Easier to Steal

    Stealing cell phones is easier. Plus it's probably easier to crack codes on cell phones than it is on computers. Personal information is everywhere and people are way too careless with the information they put on their personal devices. Identity theft isn't something to be trifled with, so cell phones should have encoding on them as much as possible.

  • No I don't think information is stolen more from cell phones.

    I do not believe personal information is stolen from cell phones more frequently than from in-home computer thefts. Cell phones are much more difficult to be hacked into than computers. More often than not, people on computers are participating in activities such as illegal downloading of music or movies that warrent their information to be hacked and stolen. This is not as common on cell phones.

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