• It is possible

    While the drone system is much better than sending our troops in harms way. It is also a lot less costly on our budget. It does seem that at times the intelligence agencies get some of their info wrong on the targets. They need to be absolutely sure that who they are targeting is really a terrorist. They also need to be very mindful of all the innocent civilians in the area.

  • Yes, President Obama has gone too far with drone policies

    President Obama has created and supported many drone policies that have a possible negative impact on our future. With these policies, it will make regulation too strict and possibly too dificult to maneuver around when dealing with our drones and the possible future incoming drones as well. These policies should not have been passed.

  • Yes He Has

    I believe President Obama and the military have gone too far with drone policies. We have many instances where we believe that drones of killed women and children, among other innocent parties. I believe this is a injustice and we shouldn't use technology that destroys families. I believe we need to be more responsible in our tactics.

  • Through shady tactics and limited transparency into his policy, Obama's drone administration has gone too far.

    With the recent influx of information that has come in about Obama's drone policy, there are several things wrong with it. The fact that an entity can be labeled an "imminent threat" without tangible evidence of actions or intent to cause harm to the United States is in a word, inhumane. Drone warfare itself is not the problem - when used effectively, it can actually save lives on both sides. But the targeted killings of questionable suspects is not even close to morally right. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? If all ethics are thrown out the window every time Obama wants to further his political agenda, things are not looking good for the citizens of the United States.

  • They take out known enemies.

    No, I do not think that President Obama has gone too far with drone policies, because they are a good way to take out enemies. Drone are a lot safer to use to attack our enemies than sending a real, live human that has to risk their life, and the drone is a lot more accurate.

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