Do you think that presidential term limits should be revised?

  • I think that we should have one term

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  • Yes, one term is enough.

    Yes, presidential term limits should be revisited, because there should only be one term for each president. There are plenty of people who are qualified enough to be president that we do not need people serving two terms. Serving two terms is an unlimited opportunity for someone to have too much power over the country.

  • No not really

    I do not think that the presidential term limit law should be revised. It is in the constitution for a reason and I do not think it should be changed. I think that 2 terms is enough for 1 person to serve. That is an important part of the constitution that should not be changed.

  • Presidential term limits should not be revised.

    It is right to have limits on the amount of time a president can remain in office. We have checks and balances in order to prevent any one official from having too much power. Terms limits help limit presidential power and they also give the public the opportunity to choose new leaders every few years.

  • I think presidental term limits are fine the way we have them.

    I think presidential term limits are fine the way we have them. Two terms is enough. If they earn a second term that's fine, but going any longer than that is a bit too much for a democracy. We do not need a president to get too entrenched and turn our nation into some sort of dictatorship. Having a president like Obama for 8 years is bad enough, imagine if we were stuck with him for 50 years!

  • No, I believe Presidential term limits are a good idea.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only president to serve more than two terms, and it seemed to have cost him his life. The Presidency is a very high-stress job. I feel in FDR's case it was helpful for the country, since he gave them stability during a very difficult time in history. But in modern history, people tend to get irritated with the President in only one term. It seems like having a President in office for more than four years has rarely turned out well. Perhaps the country needs more patience, but it certainly doesn't need more lax term limits.

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