• Looking for a better ALTERNATIVE to reddit.

    Reddit is not that good. So many rules and regulations and most of the time, they bans websites. I feel they should lower the comment karma points as well. And if they ban so many websites, how are they supposed to get the latest news and articles regarding various topics?

  • Yes they are

    Reddit has too many ridiculously unnecessary rules, and I believe that these so called rules will drive new users and existing users away from the website. If the people at Reddit are realistic and smart, then they would change the rules and removing useless rules. That's what needs to be done.

  • It's kinda fine

    All those rules actually make reddit a scam free site and a relatively clean site and I actually appreciate that,you can't lie to people because you will need to label them as fiction,I really like reddit's rule on how your posts must be factual so that no one will be confused,this site is really great and I appreciate their rules,just hope it doesn't go on top of the line...

  • Reddit's rules are just fine

    Reddit's rules are just fine. This is because there needs to be a force that restrains the people from having total control over speech. Although people have free speech they also have repercussions to it, which might include censorship based on a website owner's rules. If users do not like Reddit's rules they should seek out more accommodating sites.

  • Reddit's rules for posting appear to be quite the opposite and unrestricting.

    There are few items that Reddit greatly details as unwelcome content or prohibited behavior. I support Reddit in their minimal restrictiveness on posting. I believe that it is great that unwelcome content includes threatening, harassing and bullying behavior. If it is illegal; I would imagine that no company would want to be a part of that, especially with today's society. I have posted on other sites that have quite restrictive posting requirements and the slightest infraction of those will lock you out as a user. Reddit has different levels of enforcement for it unwelcomed behavior and appears to be quite reasonable.

  • They have to have integrity

    Rules about the Internet are strict. Reddit can't risk being sued for something that someone says that isn't true. They need to also make sure that their site is something that people want to read. If their website is seen as not credible because of the things that people post, people will stop reading it.

  • Reddit's posting rules are not too restrictive

    Reddit's posting rules are not too restrictive. Although there are certain rules pertaining to posting inappropriate content, these are necessary to ensure content such as spam and pornography do not penetrate the site. In addition, the company is careful about posts pertains to illegal activity or threatening behavior. This is within the bounds of reason.

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