Do you think that resources should be used in deciphering ancient languages?

  • Yes, they should

    Ancient languages can tell us about the past and can give us clues about the civilizations that came before us. That way we can learn from history, rather than repeating its mistakes. There is much knowledge that we do not have access to, because we don't know the ancient language it was written it.

  • Understanding the past is important.

    I think that using resources in an attempt to decipher ancient languages is very important. Researching the past and understanding the history of past civilizations can provide extremely beneficial information to help us better understand how civilizations have grown and evolved on our planet, and potentially provide important insights to help direct our own civilization's future.

  • Understanding ancient languages help us understand our evolution

    The studies of past civilizations and ancient languages have often been beneficial to modern humans by helping us understand the process of human evolution and development. We do not always know what can be discovered by studying these languages and it is worthwhile to devote time and resources to studying them.

  • yes within reason

    George Santayana said that those who ignore the past are doomed to repeat it. Yes, we should spend some resources learning about humanity's past and about ancient languages. We can actually learn about the environment and development of language by studying the past. We can also hopefully learn not to repeat some of our mistakes. However, reasonable resources should be used, so we're not diverting from crucial areas.

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