• Yes, I believe salad should be served in school cafeterias.

    I believe salad should be served in school cafeterias. Obesity rates are rising in America, And schools aren't helping, As they aren't serving the healthiest foods to our children as much as their parents aren't. A school meal generally consists of meals like burgers and fries, Or a slice of pizza. Salads and other fruits/vegetables are on the menu, But children aren't obliged to get them, And the problem with this is that healthy eating isn't being enforced enough. Technically, A child has to have a fruit or vegetable, But that doesn't mean they aren't going to toss their apple or broccoli after eating their burger. Time magazine reports "Since 1999, Rates of overweight and obesity, As measured by body mass index (BMI) from children’s height and weight, Have continued to steadily increase. In the latest survey, Conducted from 2013 to 2014, 33% of children were overweight, And 26% were considered obese. " Having the primary meal being something healthy such as salad or other fruit or vegetable based meals could not only combat rising obesity rates, But increase a child's health by providing proper vitamins and minerals. Recommended serving sizes in schools should be enforced better, Too. I understand children deserve certain freedoms, But a child is still developing, And may not understand the health risks of not eating healthy, Which is where parents and schools come in with providing a proper meal.

  • Yes i think we should have saled at school

    I think we should have saled because its easy to make and it also can have protein in it. But lots of people don't get to have healthy things at home so having salad at school is good cause they can choose whether they want it are not and on the bright side its very good.

  • Yes, As long as it's not as bad as the rest of the food.

    Ideally, There should be a salad bar so the students could make what they want, Instead of having to pick up whatever is laid out for them. This will encourage the students to choose the salad instead of the day-old stale hotdogs. Adding on to this, There should be the option of sandwiches, Preferably following the Publix Deli model of getting to choose exactly what you want on it.

  • I believe there should be salads served at school

    Nowadays we have more unhealthy food comparing to healthier, Knowing the fact that at the age of 13-17 our body is building and we spend majority of our time at school. Also, Having salads at school will be convenient for kids on diet, Vegetarians. A diversity of food never was an issue so im totally for it.

  • Because we should have our own opoin to decide on what to eat in school

    Why? Because we are usually forced to eat what's on our plate and i don't think that is fair for the kid and they speak up more and they should be allowed to have their own serving size at school and at home and thier desert be what they want.

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