Do you think that Sanders and Clinton have basically the same ideas about healthcare reform?

  • Clinton and Sanders mostly agree on healthcare

    Both parties are mostly uniform in their stances on Obama Care. Sanders may not think it reaches far enough and Clinton may like it as is, but both parties fundamentally believe that a level of guaranteed coverage is a necessity in our country and position themselves as defenders of the coverage against an opposition poised to take it down.

  • Yes they do

    I think Sanders and Clinton have the same ideas about healthcare reform. They most likely have a few differing minor details, but at the end of the day they want the same thing. They both want universal healthcare paid for by the government. This has long been a democratic goal for many years.

  • Clinton and Sanders could not agree less on the issue of healthcare reform

    Clinton and Sanders strongly disagree on their opinions of how to approach healthcare reform. Clinton claims that Sanders wants to raise taxes on the middle class to fund his Medicare-for-all plan, and that it would be way too expensive to implement.
    Clinton suggests that we lower the out-of pocket costs Americans face with a $5,000 tax credit for those spending over 5% of their income on healthcare.

  • Same intentions but different ideas

    I would suggest that Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have very similar intentions in reforming health care, but their solutions are very different. Bernie Sanders has a much more ambitious reform agenda which calls for single payer health care while Hillary Clinton is looking to make reforms to the existing Affordable Care Act. The difference isn't necessarily the end goal. I am certain Hillary Clinton would embrace Bernie Sanders' plan if it were more politically feasible to implement.

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