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Do you think that Satya Nadella's 'collegial style' is good (yes) or bad (no) for Microsoft?

  • Yes, new is sometimes good.

    Yes, I do think that his collegial style is a good thing for Microsoft right now. Microsoft needs a change and this is a chance for them to go in a different direction. Hopefully this guy will lead them into the next era, so we can continue to enjoy a great company.

  • Microsoft Needs Change

    I believe Satya Nadella's collegial style is goof for Microsoft. I think Microsoft has been languishing and succeed because they have no real competition on the map. I think they need fresh ideas and the need new and inspiring products. I think Satya Nadella may be able to implement these changes, but they'll probably make some people sweat a bit.

  • I think Nadella's style will benefit Microsoft greatly

    Satya Nadella is the man that Microsoft has needed for some time. I think his collegial style will benefit Microsoft because Nadella is a knowledgeable manager and it will help him lead. Nadella isn't a founder of the company like Steve Ballmer, and the employees will relate to him because of that.

  • Yes, Nadella's collegial style is bad for Microsoft.

    I do not think that Satya Nadella's collegial style is good for Microsoft. I think that it is something that will not benefit the company of Microsoft in the long run. It will also have negative effects on the prosperity of the company. I think that Nadella should consult with Bill Gates.

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