Do you think that schools should be able to suspend children who have not been fully vaccinated?

  • Vaccination is NOT a Choice

    Vaccination is something that all children should have to undergo before entering a school. Without modern medicine, perhaps the average life span would still be 35 and no one would give a second thought to sanitation. Many people argue that they wont vaccinate their kids because it causes autism and mental retardation, but that is a lie. Even if it were true, would you rather have a child at risk for a deadly disease than become autistic? Is that really the worst thing that can happen to a child? No. So get your kids vaccinated or get them suspended, it's common sense.

  • Safety should be first priority

    The safety of vaccinated and unvaccinated students should be the first priority of public systems in situations such as these. Suspending students (or the threat of suspension) maybe be the only means that will convince their uninformed and ignorant parents to get them vaccinated. In that case, the ends justify the means and families will be held accountable for reckless health decisions.

  • No, the education of children should not be harmed by their parent's actions.

    No, schools shouldn't have the power to suspend students that haven't received all their vaccinations. Vaccination is an action that the students' parents have to carry out; harming a child's intellectual future based on the negligence of his parents is unjust. While schools should have the right to refuse entry to new students without the necessary vaccinations, schools should not interrupt their learning once they are enrolled.

  • Vaccination is a parent's prerogative.

    With the mounting evidence that vaccinations cause a myriad of acute (up to death) and chronic health conditions, many educated parents have chosen not to vaccinate their children. There is no scientific proof that vaccinations even work. So, no, I don't believe that a school should be able to suspend a student for refusing vaccinations.

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