Do you think that secure data breaches will become more and more common in the future?

  • Yes, I believe we will.

    With the Internet being highly deregulated in other countries I think we will see more and more cyber crime. People know that they won't be prosecuted in other countries like they would in more developed nations and so they have free reign to basically do whatever they want. We won't be able to compete.

  • Security Breaches Are Now The Norm

    Unfortunately, the recent security breach by a Russian gang that exposed information from over 1.2 billion accounts is nothing new. It might be the largrest breach in history, but such large breaches aren't going to stop happening anytime soon. In fact, they will likely become more and more common as time goes on.

  • secure data breaches will be more common

    I do think secure data breaches will become more and more common in the future. As a community we are developing and using more and more technology every single day. The more we use this for our personal data the more people are going to try and hack into it.


    When a eBay suffered a massive data breach a few weeks ago, most of the attention revolved around the compromise of passwords and the vulnerabilities in the site’s security. While those are legitimate concerns, they obscure the most glaringly weak link in the security chain: people.

    Indeed, it was not a sophisticated exploit that facilitated the eBay breach, but an old-fashioned con. It’s been determined that as many as 100 eBay employees were likely victims of a social engineering scheme: an attack where the perpetrators arm themselves with enough information to pass themselves off as a known and trusted individual or organization and convince the victim to reveal valuable personal information—in the case of the eBay employees, their logins.

    That’s actually not surprising. When I recently asked a number of security experts to weigh in on innovative new attacks we should look out for, I was told th

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