Do you think that solar energy technologies can significantly reduce air pollution amounts in America?

  • Yes they are effective

    Yes solar energy technologies can greatly reduce air pollution in the US. This is because some of the technology can replace old technology that causes a lot of pollution. We need to find a way to lower the cost and increase the effectiveness of solar power for it to be usable.

  • If they build enough of them

    California just built the largest solar plant in the world and it is now up and running. Solar energy along with other alternative energy sources can drastically reduce air pollution. People just need to give alternative energy more of a chance and realize that we are not going to fix the problem over night.

  • Yes, solar energy technology can help America.

    I definitely think that solar energy technologies can significantly reduce air pollution amounts in America. If more solar energy was used in America, it would prevent the citizens in some states to have to resort to using more traditional resources. I think that as technology advances, so will our use of solar energy.

  • Current solar technologies will pollute more than they save.

    The pollution produced by manufacture and installation of solar panels is the relevant question in determining if they reduce air pollution. Currently, solar panels operating at optimal conditions take about 20 years to achieve environmental balance and their lifespan is only 25 years. This means that many panels installed will not ever save as much as they pollute. This energy inefficiency means that current solar energy technologies, while nifty devices, are not an answer and more research needs to be done.

  • Solar energy technologies can't reduce air pollution

    I do not believe that solar energy technologies could significantly reduce air pollution amounts in America. I believe that the solar energy technologies are a hoax, pretty much. There isn't too much we can do to change the air pollution. Air pollution will exist regardless of what we do, It's just common sense.

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