Do you think that stricter federal restrictions should be placed on Internet content?

  • Yes,because children turn to the internet for everything and they shouldn't turn to the internet to see inappropriate things.

    Children go on the internet to watch videos and look up things, but they shouldn't turn to the internet to see how to use weapons or build weapons. Violence is happening everyday and it results in in gun, knife, fighting, and many more! So, there should be tougher ferderal restrictions ALL inappropriate content.

  • I think there should be stricter federal restrictions but only to an extent.

    I belief thet there should be because the federal restrictions could be used to eliminate more viruses and malware, stop hurtful comments on social media, and to take out websites that encourage and instruct lock picking, drinking games, how to make bombs, ect. The restrictions can also make it tougher for predators to lure children. But the government cant restrict everything so the rest people will have to be trusted with.

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  • I think there should be stricter federal laws for the Internet content

    Because kids should not be able to see inappropriate content and they could use that to show their friends or do other bad things with that. And even them themselves should not be able to see or watch porn. So children can have a better view in the Internet and how it works. And also so that they have a better life experience

  • Yes, a thousand times yes.

    I say that the government should place stricter federal restrictions, because of the fact that the internet is a place to express ideas, not abusive language. No restrictions equals cyber-bullying, scamming, credit/debit card info stealing, etc. This shouldn't be allowed, not by just the US, but by all countries that uses the internet.

  • The Internet is full of dangerous content.

    Scams, porn, rude content is posted everyday. Kids may view this everyday!
    This has been also linked to the commitment of suicide. That is unacceptable! Not only that, but anybody can get their SSID stolen on the internet. In fact, every two seconds somebody's SSID is stolen. You could be the next.

  • Laws controlling the Internet Should be improved!

    There are many younger children that go onto the internet and find inappropriate things. Humans are growing into the habit of using the internet! People who think that there shouldn't be stricter laws concerning the internet are wrong! Think about if one of your loved ones was being made fun of or bullied on the internet, what if they committed suicide! A lot more people commit suicide because they are bullied don the internet. But there is also a lot of other things, but in my opinion, bullying is one of the biggest topics.

  • The real world

    Kids these days need to know what is in the real world before they go off in it. The world today is horrible it is full of danger. Kids need to be prepared for it so they can fight it. And there is only one place they can get it is the internet.

  • Federal restrictions should not be placed on internet content.

    If the federal government put restrictions on internet content, it would be a violation of free speech. Unless there is an amendment made to the Constitution, there will not be any governmental intervention that prohibits content on the internet. Any attempt to prohibit internet content would probably not be allowed by the Supreme Court.

  • No, I don't.

    I don't believe that stricter federal restrictions should be placed on Internet content. I believe the exact opposite. I don't believe that the government should be censoring or regulating what its people should be "allowed" to see. The only exception to this would be child pornography or pictures that have been posted online without the persons permission.

  • No, stricter federal restrictions should not be placed on Internet content

    Stricter federal restrictions have no place on internet content. First, the internet is not the domain of one government, but it is composed of content provided by members of multiple nations. It is not the job of any single government to police the internet. Secondly, stricter controls would only allow monied interests further control on the internet.

  • There's no need for more regulation.

    There is no reason whatsoever for stricter federal rules regarding Internet content. While there is a lot of rudeness and security issues with the Internet, placing restrictions on it does not help anyone. Individuals can learn to be responsible and regulate their own behavior if given the chance. Don't over regulate.

  • Don't restrict the internet

    Firstly, there are so many ways to get around internet restrictions. Don't believe me? Read a book on servers. It's pitifully easy. Secondly, it's the restriction of information. In a way, this could be compared to book burning in a more modern sense. Too much is lost when information is destroyed or restricted.

  • I do not think there should be restrictions on Internet content

    The Internet is a place to learn not a place to be restricted. The Internet has all kinds of good and bad things but it doesn't change the fact that we learn from it. If there were restrictions on what is on the Internet then we can't learn from it, like if someone was raped and it gets restricted how would we learn how not to have it happen to us? Think about it rapes happen all the time and there are ways to prevent it but how would you learn how to prevent it if you can't tell how it happened because it was restricted and blocked from public use.

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