Do you think that taco bell is going to outsell other businesses in the breakfast category?

  • I eat there every day

    I go in to my local taco bell every morning at 6 to get a head start on my day. I find it pleasing that I can eat mexican goodness whenever I want. I also have been seeing more people following my example lately, so obviously its rising nationally economically as a result.

  • Taco Bell probably won't

    Taco Bell has a very long time before it will be in the same stands when it comes to fast food breakfast. Other fast food places have been doing breakfast for quite some time so people are quite use to these places. However, this is something that is very new to taco bell that might take a while.

  • Taco Bell is way behind other breakfast businesses

    The top two fast food businesses are Subway and McDonald's. They each have more than three times the number of locations of Taco Bell and their revenue is way beyond what Taco Bell can attain. Taco Bell is primarily targeted to younger people and McDonald's and Subway both have a good cross section of all age groups as customers.

  • No they won't

    No they won't because they are not really offering anything healthy at all. I mean they are just wrapping it up in a tortilla or a taco shell. Who is going to want that. If they went organic and grass fed then they could out sell their competitors but not until then.

  • I think it will be difficult to break into that very competitive category

    Taco Bell's move into the breakfast category is fraught with potential failure. There is a public association of Taco Bell with lunch and dinner type of food. Plus, other types of fast food like McDonalds and even Dunkin Donuts are established as reliable and good sources of breakfast for most people. I doubt Taco Bell can break into this difficult (and crowded) category of fodd.

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