Do you think that teens should be tried as adults?

  • As a teen, I know what is right and wrong!

    I'm not saying go to jail for littering at 13. I'm saying at 16, DEFINITELY tried as an adult. If you rape, severely rob, or murder someone, that should go to jail for sure after age 7! What would people think if a juvenile created a robbery, drove drunk, and killed some one, especially small children? Wouldn't you want them turned in? There may be more teens than adults committing crimes if this keeps up! Are you just going to let them go by that way? I sure wouldn't!

  • Yes they should

    Some people think it is unlawful to put a kid in jail for the rest of his life. It is unlawful if you don't have a reason. By the time you are 10 you know whether things are right or wrong. You know not to rob a store or shoot people. If you kill someone then you should go to jail. The government allows courts to put juveniles in jail, but I think they don't do it enough. Many people believe that criminalization is hereditary. If it is, the child should learn from their parents mistake and not do what they did. That is just logical.

  • Under some instances teens should do the time for the crime.

    If a teenager robs a store, or marks up buildings, no I do not believe that teens should be tried as adults. They are obviously in a stage where they want attention. But, when a teenager brutally murders a person, there are some serious punishments that must be made. Is this really just a teenager that wants attention, or is this a teenager with serious problems and a crazed mind? Do the math, a reasonable teenager goes and kills his mother, brother, sister, father, or whoever for the "fun of it" or because "he felt like it," this is not a attention grabbing teenager this is a young ADULT that needs some time out. For life or not, he/she deserves it.

  • Yes in some cases

    I think the option to try a teen as an adult should be available. In most cases though I don't think they should be. I think you should look at factors including age, intent, remorse, past record in deciding to try as an adult. The option has to be there though to deter teens from committing crimes.

  • Try The As Adults

    I believe there are some cases where teens should be tried as adults. The juvenile justice system is a good system to allow children a second chance, but if they continue to commit crimes after a round or two through he juvenile system, then I believe it is time to try them as adults.

  • Teens Tried As Adults More Often

    Teens need to be tried as adults in criminal courts more often. Without a doubt, the juvenile justice system doesn't teach teens to follow the law. The system is a joke more often than it's not. Therefore, teens should be tried as adults more often in order to produce better results.

  • Teens should be tried as adults.

    If a teen commits a heinous crime such as murder or rape, they have acted as adults, and they should be treated in the same way. The most dangerous criminals need to be locked up for the protection of the rest of society, no matter how young they may be.

  • Under no circumstances

    Teens should not be tried as adults in a criminal court under any circumstances? Why? Because the law already defines the difference between a juvenile and an adult offender. It's the law, and it is unfathomable to me why it should be bent to punish people who are, by all legal definitions, children.

  • In most cases no

    There are extreme cases of depraved indifference that warrant teens being tried as adults, but they are few and far between. For the most part, teens do not warrant being tried as adults. Mistakes happen, kids are stupid. A lot of the results from that don't deserve a life being ruined.

  • Teens as Adults

    Teens should not be tried as adults. It is the responsibility of parents to train and educate the child against the perils of disobeying the law. Law breakers at the adult level should be tried as an adult. However, children should not be tried as an adult because parental responsibility.

  • Teens Should Not be Tried as Adults

    State law makers should have sentances for when a teenager commits an adult crime, especially since there is a huge debate on it. This entire subject straight Pisses me off because there is no need to fight over this debate , the solution is to simply make more sentences or laws

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