Do you think that the American left has already condemned Darren Wilson in Ferguson?

Asked by: doctorsoprano
  • It seems as though the left has immediately jumped on the officer involved and judged him as being guilty.

    There are a number of prominent libs down in Ferguson exacerbating the issues and pushing the race card (Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, etc) who assist others in coming to the conclusion that the officer can only be guilty and that Michael Brown was an innocent, unarmed black who was a victim of a racially fueled crime. Despite the fact that the facts of this case are still emerging and that the whole picture has not yet been painted, these people have already condemned Darren Wilson, calling for justice when it is not yet clear who justice needs to be meted out to.

  • Apparently they are

    Every time I hear any broadcast media reporter talk about the situation in Ferguson, the broadcast includes that the deceased was Black (and unarmed) and the cop is White. It has been almost two weeks and I still know no other details about the encounter, except that that Michael Brown had just committed strong-arm robbery. I have heard no information to indicate whether race was relevant to the incident, but the coverage consistently implies that it was.

    Which facts support the proposition that Wilson was motivated by racial prejudice are a mystery to me. Was he a Neo-Nazi or a member of the Ku Klux Klan? Did he say anything during the encounter, early or late, to indicate that he wanted to kill Brown because he was Black, or even for any other reason? Does Wilson have a history of racial prejudice? I do not know. I am consistently told one was White and one was Black, and then left to wonder how this oft repeated difference between the two men was relevant during the incident.

    What I do know is that the broadcast media has very little information to offer about the incident itself, and instead repeats the races of the victim and the officer as if it is relevant. This makes it sound like it is relevant, especially after hearing it so often, and especially when it is the only thing we are consistently told. This feeds a racist assumption that White cops are racist, but never offers any details to support the proposition that this particular cop was a racist.

    This is too bad because it makes it almost impossible to discuss the ancillary incidents without distrust that anyone who disagrees is either in mindless accord with media hype or reflexively reacting against the racist implications that racism was at the root of the incident and all subsequent reactions to the protesters.

    Sometimes I expect the people interviewed about the protests, federal investigation, etc. to say that they want Wilson to get a fair trial before they hang him.

  • Undoubtedly and Mercilessly So.

    I'm not going to pretend that this isn't a massive racially charged issue, or that racism is the only major factor in this case. Between the police force, and the protesting, and the other activity in that area, it's a horrible situation on absolutely every front. Really, there isn't enough explicit evidence to pass judgement on either Wilson or Brown yet, especially from literally anybody outside of Ferguson. That being said, regardless of what the investigation uncovers, the American Left is going to be out for blood. Even if it is determined that he had no choice other than to kill Brown, there will be a group of people wishing it would have been Wilson.

  • No doubt about it

    You just need to look at the online reaction and polls and opinions etc. to be able to see that Wilson has already been found guilty by public opinion. I suppose innocent until proven guilty only matters in cases when your side is the one being brought to trail. That is why I hope sanity prevails and everyone waits to see what the actual evidence says.

  • No, not at all.

    They have condemned the brutal and fascist police force, however for the militarized crackdown on protesting. They have behaved in a way which is expressly forbidden in the constitution. They have prevented people from peaceably assembling. They have directly threatened to KILL protesters.

    We should ALL be shocked by the reports coming out of Ferguson.

    Whether or not Wilson is guilty is not the primary issue for the media. The militarization of the police is. The arresting of journalists is.

    I believe Wilson is guilty of killing a man who didn't deserve to be killed. Does that mean I believe he should be charged with murder? Not at all. But he should be stripped of his badge and his pension, in my opinion, at the conclusion of an in-depth and transparent investigation.

  • I condemn the militarized police forces

    The American police forces as seen in Ferguson, are who I am condemning. No police force should be threatened journalists like they are. No police force should be threatening, imprisoning, throwing flash tear gas, flash grenades or pointing guns at peacefully protesting civilians. This is not included the small bunch of looters and violent protesters. I condemn the way the police force is withholding and manipulating evidence and trying to control a crime scene in order to protect themselves. They're a fascist police force; it's all about invoking fear, restricted press, and whitewashing. It is not simply "name calling" it is the truth that we have allowed a creation of a para-militarized police force is violently harming peacefully protesting unarmed civilians. "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross."- Sinclair Lewis. America has been in invaded by Republican fascism that would rather whitewash, invoke fear and control rather than allow peace and knowledge.

  • No I think DARREN WILSON has condemned Darren Wilson in Ferguson.

    It's not the fault of the jury that a man is sentenced to death, it's his own fault for committing whatever crime he committed to earn that sentence. He shot an unarmed boy to death. That's all. And who cares whether the "American left" has condemned him or not? He's gonna get a fair trial, if he even goes to trial, which is something Michael Brown will never get on account of having been murdered.

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