Do You Think That The Art (of every type) Is More Important Than Science?

  • Art (of all forms) can be used to heal.

    Scientists, while trying to create cures for all types of diseases, don't realize that art, music, writing, and more can help heal those, especially with mental illnesses, depression, anxiety, etc. Writing is so helpful, especially when dealing with anxiety, because it allows so many people to get rid of their emotions and vent. Without using art as a way to vent your emotions, every single person, even those who said "no" to this debate, would be a ticking time bomb. From painting on a lovely canvas to performing exhilarating music on an instrument, and writing for pages and pages, art helps us heal ourselves from an abyss in our minds. Even those who doodle on their paper and tap their fingers/hum to their favorite song experience the healing powers of art. Yes, I agree that science is very important, but the world needs a balance of imagination and reality. Think about a student in school. Many students face stress and anxiety from math classes, a form of science. In fact, it is the most stressful academic class a student has to take. But then, when a student enters their art or music class, their talents immediately become nurtured and they experience a relaxing class that take their worries away. Art is so crucial, as it keeps humans balanced, stress-free, and takes them away from the cruelties of the real world. I'd like to see that happen with science.

  • Art is Everything

    Even in the beginning of time humans had the desire to create- cave paintings have been found from thousands of years ago. Art is problem solving, discovering, and feeling/thinking creatively. It is so much more than just colors on a page or materials formed in front of you- it's LIFE!

  • Science is a tool. Art is an extension.

    All scientific progress does is grant us the ability to create more art. All scientific knowledge will do is grant us the ability to become more capable to break the bonds of yesteryear in order to fashion new ideas into reality so that we may further express our inner selves.

  • Without art the world would be depressing...

    Science is art. These things you create in science are works of art. Without art things wouldn't be created. For some people science is their art and for others painting or dancing or programming/scripting or writing ect. Is their art. Art is creating something that makes you or other people happy.

    Posted by: Sway
  • Art is more important

    As we may be living with science and without arts but what would we live for? Life would be so tough and so boring without the arts. The world without art would be a so emotionless. Many inventions such as the television, radio etc re useless without arts. We would not be having any tasty food to eat without culinary arts. Happiness is needed for living, and that happiness comes from art. Who will ever want to live a sad and depressed life or who wants to live like robots? And yes believe or not we all use arts in our everyday life

  • What does the world need more?

    The world cannot exist without science - but can exist without art.

    Art is a nice to have.... Science makes a difference in life.

    Try solving malaria with a nice painting, or a song. Yes science isn't sexy, but it does help with living.

    Art only serves to aid those people with shallow lives.

  • Science is the base of life

    In every moment of life you couldnt live on the base of art or feelings. You have to be depend on moral science at that time. And you are talking about the television and radio.. Then if you have art you are helpless without science.For example: i love painting.. But if i didnt drow well or explred it i couldnt be happy. Even for drawing you have to need for paper .. Cryons or else.. This all the basic things are gift of science.Now a days no one could live without the luxuiries like tv mobile and internet.. Even you couldnt be live without a fan also.. These all are gift which the science gave to us..

  • The Dark Ages

    Think about the Dark Ages, where we were getting diseases, lifting rats off of plates without caring, seeing witches around every corner. The Renaissance was the end to this terrible time. The Renaissance didn't come about because someone said 'I wonder what would happen if I painted a dog?' No! It happened because someone suggested that you use pillars in a building, or hitched horses up to a cart, or started traveling around the world. Art is amazing and important, but without it we would all be still drawing clouds and wishing we had more food.

  • Science is more important.

    What can art do for you? It CAN'T cure cancer. It CAN'T solve Global Warming. It CAN'T solve societies issues. All you do with art is listen, watch and adore. And what does that do for you? It doesn't even improve your vision which science can do. Science is Superior!

  • The fact you are even asking is disturbing.

    This is a horrifying question. Science is everything, art is nothing.

    An artist is essentially someone so retarded they had to become an artist because they suck at everything else. A scientist is someone who is so capable at science that they chose the superior line of work.

    You think we will cure leukemia with art?

  • Culture vs. Advancement

    When has culture ever brought understanding that wasn't subjective or self induced delusion. Culture could never obtain the heights science has brought us to, and most modern mediums of art are only possible through the progression of science. Art expresses identity and feeling, not wisdom or thought beyond expression. Art is the inspiration to the dream, but could never actually fulfill that dream without science. Science makes dreams real.

  • Science is Art!

    Science is part of art itself. The wonders of the universe, the thrill of discovering new ideas and theories. It is all art. Therefore, I will not say that science is less important than the others. All art is important. 10 more words needed so I wrote this last sentence.

  • That's how so many people stay alive to do art.

    I am a huge arts fan, and I do it everyday. However, without science I'd probably not be here by now to do anything.
    According to my science teacher, everyone is a scientist because they are able to research, observe and conclude from things. So that means that without science, the arts wouldn't be very creative now, would they? Nuff said.

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