Do you think that the Bible should be taught in school?

  • Yes, it's a social good.

    Let me be straight, I'm not supporting this to try and convert every single person into becoming a Christ follower, I am simply saying that the Bible would have a profoundly beneficial effect on students and their behavior.

    The Bible has always been referenced as an excellent moral code. Nothing has so defined human decency as well as the 10 commandments has. Also, Christ Jesus has been regarded as the most influential person to ever walk the face of the earth, and his teachings have been held in the highest esteem. When he summed up the law he said, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. And the second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself." He gave the world the most basic and easy to understand way to be a good person. "Love your neighbor as your self." That should be taught everywhere, and kids should know where it comes from.

    Put aside all religion and realize what an incredible moral text you bring into the classroom. I would put money on kids growing up to better adults.

  • What the heck.

    Look, by teaching the bible in school, I don't mean ram it down kid's throats as the truth. It is an important and very interesting piece of mythological text, that describes a belief set that heavily influences our world. I think that a English or history elective where you learn about religious texts could be very informative. Of course included would be the Eddas, the Aeniad, Greek texts, Egyptian, the Quran and the Baghavad Gita (I don't know how to spell it), and any other important texts. So yes, It should be taught, just not forced.

    Somehow, I feel like I missed the intention of this question.

  • It's a Literary Masterpiece

    You are not likely to find me supporting the positions of the religious-minded very often; indeed, my life has long been a struggle in opposition of religion. However, the Bible is not a bad book to read. It is a literary and historical marvel, more detailed and microscopic than other works of the early ancient era, filled with tales of wonder and mystery and moral. While I might not like all it has to say, its words are poetic and descript; its value, inestimable. It has pretty much single-handedly influenced the course of history for the last two thousand years and more, and serves as a valuable tool in understanding the goings-on of the present. Yes, I must say that the Bible is an important book for school.

  • Whether or not you beleive

    In God the bible has shaped the world we live in today. The bible is a study of history and the study of the way the earliest people thought and how these ways of thinking developed overtime.

    You can't really understand people unless you see the development form their earliest times.

  • The Bible's morals and standards were part of the founding of the US and many western democracies.

    The Bible's morals and standards underpin most western societies, moral codes and laws. Without the bible and the reformers who taught it's values, we would likely look more like the middle east! The ideas of equality and rights for all, a government lead by people for others first not themselves, all originate from Jesus teachings.

    No need to teach it as religion, but more importantly as a book that shaped the world we live in.
    - Equality; women were valued, and were the first to hear "He is risen", slaves to be treated equally (Jesus followers pushed for abolition of slavery (Wilberforce), Children nurtured and educated, Leadership that comes from humility and compassion.

  • It is one of the biggest influences of people's actions in history.

    The Bible, Koran, Torah, and other major holy scriptures should be covered in a basic/advanced way in order to further enlighten students on the cause of certain individual's actions. Seeing as many wars have been fought over the views put in these books, one should cover it in a non religious manner (Not preaching the word of the book as law) These wars and other issues involving religion include but aren't limited to: The Crusades, the modern problem of Islamic Extremism, the bombings of various abortion clinics, Russia's general homophobia, etc. It should be taught, not as in-depth as one's actual lesson, but as a pretext of sorts. "The crusades were a series of church sponsored wars fought between primarily Christian Crusaders and the Muslims of the middle east. The end goal was to take/hold Jerusalem, considered a holy city by both peoples. To understand why these wars were fought in the name of religion, one must first grasp the basic concepts of the Bible and the Quran." -The teacher then hands out worksheets on the two books that will educate the students on the basic principles of both religions.-

  • It all depends

    The Bible is obviously not a book that is studied by everybody, this is why private/Catholic school exist separate from public schools. If you have the desire to learn about God and you wish to study the bible, you should be attending a Catholic school. There should be no forcing the Bible upon public schools because not everyone has the same beliefs.

  • We Need the Bible

    "Teach them something of use," The Bible IS of use. There are vital lessons in it. An example:

    "He who is greedy for unjust gain troubles his household, but the man who denies bribes shall live."
    -Proverbs 15:27

    This verse actually means hat if you become consumed by your greed, you're bound to end up with no house.

    Anyone who learns these lessons and sticks to them will at some point be glad they did. This is similar in a way to the result of not listening in math class. Too many Americans today graduate from high school with regrets of either dropping out or not paying attention in class and think things like, "Why didn't my teachers give me any useful knowledge?," While they were taught how to use the hypotenuse in math class. It is necessary to building a tower. The connection is that these are both bad decisions that will be regretted at some point by anyone who makes them. After all, do teachers, true friends, school principals and responsible parents not want us to grow up to lead happy and prosperous lives? If the law required kids to read the Bible is school, there is a chance that they will believe it. If they believe it, they will read it more and try their hardest to stay true to God. The more verses they memorize, the better because they will lead happier lives than if they don't.

    "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he shall not depart from it,"

    -Proverbs 22:6

  • It has influenced culture and history

    I think that we should take the Bible out of science class (wink wink, Kansas school board) and put it into history class, along with other holy texts and historical scriptures. This is because religion has shaped the history and culture of humanity, in both good and bad ways. This does not mean that the only scriptures and text taught in history class should be passages from the bible though. Other holy texts are also important for understanding history, like the Qur'an.

  • Separation of Church and State.

    The title pretty much says it all. Religion has absolutely no place in the school environment, if you want to read your nonsensical babble than do it somewhere it belongs... Idk... A CHURCH? Come on people, it's bad enough you can't pay taxes (ridiculous) but now you want to force your idiocy into our schools.

  • Why is the Bible the main subject for this topic? Why is this even a topic?!

    Stuff like this happens with different religions in different countries. If anything, this topic should be 'Do you think religion should be taught in schools?'. I think that religion in general shouldn't be taught in normal public/private schools. I honestly dislike the idea of religion being a subject in school. I mean, there are several religions in the world with new ones sometimes popping up every few years or so. And if you want to spread your religion, then forcing it into schools curriculum is not the way to do it.

  • Biblical principles are the parents' responsibility

    School is a fair representation of what life will offer and should in no way be responsible for the moral and ethical education of our children. That rests on the shoulders of the Mom and Dad - whether it be the Bible, the Talmud, the Koran, or the I Ching. If you don't anchor the kids at home, how will they ever be able to navigate the rough waters life will throw at them.

  • Religion in a Public Forum

    When it comes to education in public schools, I don't believe that in any shape, form, or fashion, religious dogma should be part of a public school's education curriculum, especially in fields like science and history. I admit, a significant majority of people in the United States identify themselves with some sect of Christianity, and those individuals, I don't think would have an objection to learning portions of the Bible in school, but with public schools, diversity is commonplace. So, where one person would look at the contents of the Bible as truth and the word of God, there will be others who will scoff at the idea. Which brings me to my next point.

    The Bible is not a text that has unbiased historical significance and is not a text that holds any sort of scientific legitimacy. In the Book of Genesis, God created the Earth and the Heavens in six days. There is no scientific evidence to support that claim, and mountains of scientific evidence to refute it (such as geological strata, fossil records, discoveries made in space, etc. Etc. Etc.) Genesis has been dis-proven time and time again. Science can only be taught in what is quantifiable and what has a factual background. The Bible does not have those qualities. To take the argument down a history route, if the Bible were taught in school, students would learn about the Exodus of the Israelites out of Egypt. In the text, Moses brought plagues upon the Egyptians, parted the Red Sea, and wandered the desert for 40 years. Moses, as a human being, could not call upon plagues (especially the plagues the Bible claims he rendered), does not have the power to part a body of water, and would have most surely died in the desert, along with the other Israelites who followed him.

    At the end of the day, there is a reason why Biblical studies in school are only something debated, as compared to something implemented. The Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is folklore. It has no scientific or historical value, at least when it comes to the quantifiable facts and evidence necessary to secular education. This is the reason why private, religious institutions of learning exist. This is also the reason that even in the Deep South and states like Texas, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri, the idea of teaching "intelligent design" in school has never passed into the curriculum, despite many, many attempts to do so.

  • A book of absurditites should not be taught in schools

    As you know, there are scientific errors in the bible, immorality in the bible, internal and external contradictions in the bible, historical errors in the bible, racism in the bible, pornography in the bible and e.T.C

    if children read it from the early age, they might be addicted to think moon is a light source and later it may be hard to explain them that it is not.

  • Schools are for the public , meaning a diverse enrollment.

    Children are already poorly educated in America Children are indoctrinated at home anyway, let the kid get some kind of world view and be able to learn critical thinking before forever suppressing the kid's ability to think freely, have visions, and dare to dream. The bible being taught in school is a free thought suppression and against civil rights

  • Here we go

    Why should a book filled with a thuggish brute of a murdering God , be taught to children . Between the pages of this rag , there is a God demanding , infanticide , rape , child sacrifice , pillage , revenge , and his followers claim this animal was loving !
    As regards morality in the "good book" God kills or demands the death of up to 15 million people and animals in the bible , I have never killed even a fly , yet he is more moral .... Yeah right .
    Keep this tripe out of schools for the kids sakes , teach them something of use .

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