Do you think that the Bradley Manning Verdict was fair?

  • Yes, he was in the armed forces.

    Yes, the Bradley Manning Verdict was fair, because he swore to uphold his country's interests and then did not. In the army, it is very important to follow orders. If a person is sworn to uphold the country, and they are told not to do something, or they have their orders, if the person chooses to disobey those orders, or to act against their country's interests, it is fair that they suffer a harsh penalty.

  • Yes, you are not a "whistleblower" if you reveal things wholesale.

    Bradley Manning exposed many many files and documents. Had he exposed a single document designed to reveal a specific plot or agenda that he viewed was wrong, then he would be a whistle blower. As it stands, he broke his oath of secrecy and failed to defend the U.S. from threats. He got what he deserved.

  • He didn't stand a chance

    While I neither agree or disagree with what Bradley Manning did, I can understand his reasons behind it. However, I knew before the trial ever began that he would not have a chance at a fair trial simply because he spoke against his country. It doesn't matter what the United States is accused of, if someone speaks out against it, they are considered a bad person and will never receive a chance at a fair trial.

  • Treason Means Death

    The Bradley Manning verdict was not fair in the least. It specifically states in the United States Constitution that treason is the gravest capital crime, punishable by death. Manning should have been tried for treason because he sold out his country to the highest bidder. Yes, he is emotionally distraught. However, he took an oath as a member of the U.S. Army to defend the United States against its enemies. He betrayed that oath and his country. A 35-year prison sentence is a lot, but Manning was a traitor, plain and simple, despite so-called mitigating circumstances based upon his state of mind at the time of his treason.

  • He was part hero

    I understand that people would consider Bradley Manning a traitor, but I personally think that he did something very brave that he felt was right. He helped to expose a very corrupt and negative system and allow it to be known to the public. As a member of the public, I appreciate it.

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