Do you think that the comedy skit of Sara Palin played by Tina Fey was appropriate?

  • Yes it was

    Yes, I think that on SNL all of the skits that they do are just for fun, and that they are all just for the people to watch and be able to enjoy. there is not a thing wrong with her doing a little poking fun at the governor Palin.

  • It was comedy.

    It was just a joke for entertainment. There are always jokes and skits about political people. It is a big form of comedy, and there have been a lot worse skits done than the one Tina Fey did. Part of being in the public eye means you are often going to be joked about.

  • Comedy helps people to vent their emotions in a healthy way.

    Sarah Palin angered a lot of people during her campaign and when she was receiving media coverage, by making inappropriate comments herself. She was largely despised by liberals in America. By making fun of Sarah Palin, Tina Fey made it possible for those Americans to laugh about what was bothering them. Laughing is much better than being angry.

  • The skit was fine

    If you can't laugh at people for who they are, then whit's comedy? Isn't imitation the biggest form of flattery? I think it was fine,there was nothing wrong with it,but it doesn't matter what I think. SNL will do what they want,but I know Sarah Palin is fine with her doing it or she at least appears to be.

  • Yes, it was hilarious.

    Any political figure should understand that they are liable to impersonations of themselves by other actresses and actors, and that the public clearly wants them to make fun of other political figures. One cannot say that this was innapropriate because it could have been vulgar and downright mean but it was not.

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