Do you think that the confederate flag is a symbol of slavery and hatred?

Asked by: Laupppaige
  • Yes and No

    Its very complicated on how the south view this flag. Some think of it as a sign of their heritage and their people. When the north was industrializing and progressing the south was getting poorer. Now the media likes to make fun of the south and make them look stupid which indeed many are because of the poverty. The flag represents the other side. The conservatives. But I said yes, because indeed it is a flag that implies slavery and hatred for the African American race.

  • It's very complicated

    I can understand how the Confederate flag is like of heritage for some because of their family history, but I can't help but agree. Let's take a look at history. The North was more Industrialized than the South so they didn't necessarily need slaves and due to the Second Great Awakening beliefs especially in the North started to change. The South's entire economy depended on cotton and slaves were needed. States tried to secede from the Union because of representation in government and slavery. So I would have to agree, but it's kind of complicated

  • Absolutely, it is racism, slavery, and hatred.

    The confederate flag has been used in the south states. Many people do not agree that the symbols of this flag are racism and slavery. However, it is undeniable fact that the flag indicates racism, slavery, hatred. That is, the flag has used to justify slavery, to group racist people, and to provoke hate crime.
    Back in the day, while slavery was justified, many white people in south put the confederate flag in their houses and in the public places. Whenever slaves fled from their masters' houses, several vigilant groups chased them with putting the flag on their sides. Once the fleeing slaves were caught, they could see the flag was waving on the air. Since then, white people have used the flag to threaten and hunt black slaves.
    The flag is a symbol of racism that many hate groups have used the flag as a means to threaten black people, immigrants, and other minorities. For instance, KKK is the best example that its members love to use the flag in the public, and even, they tattoo it on their body. Moreover, they say that the flag represents pure white power and Christianity that non-white and non-Christians should be excluded from this country.
    Finally, many homicide cases have indicated that the confederate flag has provoked many minority people. Since the flag has been the symbols of racism, slavery, and hatred, some people become extremely mad when they see it. Therefore, without their consciousness, they tend to use violence as a means to express their anger against the flag. The anger, sometimes, brings serious bodily injuries and death in a worst case.
    The confederate flag has been used to express racism, slavery, and hatred. Notwithstanding the fact, many people, especially in the south, have still used it to show their white power and hatred against minority. Now, we are living in the 21th century, and it is time to abandon old, retarded, and useless our custom.

  • Not hatred, but power to the states

    I am from the north, so I may have different view from most. I always viewed it as a symbol of rebellion. The civil war was not started over slavery. It was started because the north had control over national politics and trade (tariffs). Most of the southern fighters did not own slaves, so if it was based off slavery, they had no reason to fight. The north was correct, but the war was NOT because of slavery. The removal of slavery after the war was good, but not the main reason. The flag is a symbol of power to individual states, not of hatred. I love America with everything I have, but I have no problem with the confederate flag.

  • No it isn't.

    The rebel flag is not a symbol of hate and slavery. It is a symbol of pride towards the south. Its like the bald eagle to southerners. Its a sense of pride to us. And yes, i am from the south. The south will rise again. And that is a fact.

  • People still question this? Christ!

    Slaves just happened to be involved. The point of the civil war (in which this flag was produced) was to decide if the north should secede from the south. THIS WAS SO THEY COULD HAVE THEIR RIGHTS, BUT IT WASN'T SO THEY COULD KEEP THEIR SLAVES. Ultimately, this flag shows southern, rebellious pride. It's like saying the flag of Zimbabwe represents poverty and starvation. It's a byproduct, not the main source (this is worded badly but its 1:21 AM so...)

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